What if ….. !!

            -    Kripaa luthra 

What if ….life was a true movie ,
We will be watching the scene before the climax ,
Suspense in each situation ,
But they will be just the unexpected acts !!!

What if … All because of the Thanos
The unpredictable mad titan ,
The fat purple beast reaches the place to spread his terror ,
To fulfill his desire , ending the life from the universe , using the magical stones will come the giant !

What if … the thought of removing the burden from the people was revived ,
Bringing an end to the overpopulation…
Will be escalated this mortal disease through the power of his gauntlet ,
Anyone to interfere had been brought to an end through the powerful double edged sword , gloominess spread all in our nation !!!

What if ….James Bond comes in his great car ,
Determine the cause for the proliferation of the fatal disease ,
Death blow the ones responsible and seek vengeance,
And our safety he will guarantee !!

What if … he rides us in his marvellous car ,
Save the world from the calamity ,
And finally leave without a good bye …..
In the nick of time ….will get over the tragedy !!

What if …. Still is left alive the brawny Thanos ,
And Ant man makes his presence known ,
Expand his butt and bring an end to the wicked monster ,
Finally there will be a control in the number of the tragic demises , all the sadness will even be blown !!

What if …. The relation in the vicinity was no longer corresponding ,
The love will be really affected ….
Although , humanity was already lost, but that time even the humans will be less in number ,
Situation after the catastrophe will be really complicated!!

What if … The Harry Potter was seen on his broom ,
Backpedaling the peril ,
Either it be the economy or anxiety
Was all turned upside down ….. just with the roll of a wand …. all changed the inner feelings !!

What if …Dr.Strange prognosticates , life will be happier but the pollution will be out of control …..
No one will be able to have it in hand ,
Then will be witness of The Wonder Woman , the queen of the Amazon ,
With the aim , the world will change , it has to be cleaner the land !!

What if …these characters really are witnessed by us ??
Even the hustle and bustle will make us feel exhilarated ….
Though such a life is barely possible ,
Don’t close the mind’s eye , this fantasy would really be awaited !!!

MATHS : a challenge in a student’s life ….

Hectic , boring , mind boggling ,
It just takes away your head ,
Studying it mind just swings ,
And one day you will really be dead ……..

Practise practice practice ,
Everyone says it is the only key to success ,
Memorising it is a really tough job ,
But you just need to have trust in God !!!!

Maths just goes in and out of the brain ,
After you see the the paper your efforts are all in vain ,
Is there any other way that we can pass ???
And of course it is the most boring class ………

Studying it early in the morning spoils your day ,
It’s all done in a very weird way !!
I pledge to ban maths ,
So that they stop running in your head all the rats …….

Because of frustration it makes you red,
But you trust me you will never be brain dead !
Maths lovers please don’t worry because it won’t be banned ,
Just not mandatory after 8th and still you can study !!!!

Don’t talk to me about the country ‘s economy ,
Think of the youth
Too many cooks spoil the broth ,
Too many children studying maths will spoil the economy !

Whoever has invented maths has done a great crime ,
And will never be forgiven in his whole life !!!!
Buddies yet it is not banned try to cope up with the ongoing exasperation,
Contentment will be achieved and your life will be a paradise !!

All there will be only happiness!!

– Kripaa Luthra

My first poem 🤩🤩🤗🤗!

And my inspiration to write!!

The life of an underprivileged….. 😔

– Kripaa Luthra

My life begins under a tree ,
Not even in a hospital ,
I don’t even have enough clothes to wear ,
My condition is really critical ……..
Bless me God please God
Since years l am waiting for the nod !!!!!!

I only have to fill myself with water ,
I am the most underprivileged daughter …..
My mother is a beggar ,
My father is a cobbler !!!
Bless me God please God ,
Since years l am waiting for the nod !!!!!

I pray to God l get some money ,
As it hears it’s not that funny ….
I usually spend my day crying alone ,
How to spend my childhood ?
I don’t even have money to afford a balloon !!!!!
Bless me God please God ,
Since years l am waiting for the nod !!!!!

In a year or two my hands will be cut off ,
And l will go begging for money all around …….
I am hungry give me something to eat ,
I wish for a mattress , l just don’t like the ground !!!
Bless me God please God,
Since years l am waiting for the nod !!!

I even pray to God for the poor stray dogs ,
For me they are just like God ,
Only they give me something to eat ,
What they find on the old woody street !!!!
Bless me God please God ,
Since years l am waiting for the nod!!!!

I pray for the welfare of all human beings ,
In the next life l wish to be happy , l think l should keep seeing …..
l don’t want to be rich just want some money ,
Even you pray for me buddy !!!!!
Bless me God please God ,
Since years l am waiting for the nod !!!!! Bless me !!!!

The wounded Mother Earth …….!!

Poem by : Kripaa Luthra 

It’s 2020,
Our Mother Earth is down for repair ,
Our work is a lot afflicted ,
And truly it is not fare !!!!

Our contribution has now resulted as an outbreak ,
Plastic is present in a ton ,
The regular vehiclular emissions are increasing each day ,
So, It is time for us to control the pollution in the long run

No more in trend is a warm hug ,
Our first duty is washing hands ,
People still are enjoying and partying ,
For a few days stepping out of the house should be banned !!!

Our economy is suffering a lot ,
Import and export is all at a hault ,
When will this tragedy be over???
We wanna make our lives fancy , it’s all going simple and sober !!!!

We all are aware that our lives are at a risk ,
Still we want the same amount of joy ,
Stop going out of the house ,
This applies simply for every girl and boy ……

Start caring ,the reckless Indians ,
The damage caused won’t be repaired,
Not at least yourself, think of the country ,
In all our minds it should really be cleared !!!!

Promote social distancing ,
Or else the number of patients will really be increasing,
Develop the fear in your mind because you can catch it any day ,
The country is in you hands , l am sure you will bring a change in your way !!!

Pray for the poor souls who lost their lives ,
To death they all strive !!!
The damage caused can’t be repaired ,
But all this is just a stepping stone in our life !!!

Don’t even forget the people who are still fighting ,
And the ones who are tirelessly working for our betterment ,
Silently pray to God to save the world from this calamity ,
With all our prayers , in this world there will be advancement !!!l

Things have changed in a matter of days and weeks
Institutions and entertainment centres have all closed down
There are few a cars on the road
Public places are empty all around !!

Pollution levels have come down ,
Water bodies are cleaner
Many people are at home with their families ,
The nature is greener !!!

The corona virus epidemic has hit the reset button and has changed a lot of things ,
People have started appreciating old values and simpler things in life
Animals are moving around freely ,
And for them it is a paradise !!!

There is co existence ,
Since humans have started retreating themselves in the fear of corona virus ,
Nature has started reclaiming its pace ,
And within them is only happiness !!!!

Dolphins have returned it ltaly’s coast ,
All because of the missing cruise ships ,
There are swans in the canal often filled with gondolas and people ,
But even they must have been missing the town people !!!

These examples are a grim reminder of how we humans have taken over the
earth ,
We have ruled over the territory of other living beings ,
We have destroyed , killed animals , overused resources but we do not own this planet
We share it with a lot of other living beings and we should even take care of their well being !!

Our lives are about co habitation as about the survival of other living beings
We humans cannot be bringing down forests ,destroying habitat and polluting water bodies ,
Putting the survival of other living beings at stake ,
By us the innocent creatures are only getting teased !!!

Let the corona virus crisis leave this lesson ,
Learn to co exist ,
Or the nature will find extreme ways to reclaim its pace ……
If we would have been at their place we wouldn’t be able to resist !!!

Think , ponder and leave behind all the rage ,
You will yourself see the change !!
So , to all the countrymen , let us unite ,
Remove this courageously , forever from our lives !!!

The world above the clouds ……..

: Kripaa Luthra

Above the clouds lies a mesmerising world ,
With fairies flying all around,
Inside the candy castles , rabbits working joyfully ,
And everyone together well bound !!!!

The Pegasus and unicorns always playing happily in the fields ,
The mermaids in the water swimming without the fear of human prey ,
Small white rats jumping merrily like puppies ,
I wish happy like this they always stay !!!!

At the stroke of the midnight hour ,
When the world is fast asleep ,
Then the fairies come ,
And through the little window they peep !!

With a wand in their hand ,
The miniature beauty in the air ,
In a beautiful pink attire ,
For little children they really care !!

On the windows of young innocent children ,
They hang a tiny dream catcher ,
Just wish to spread good vibes and happiness
They touch our world with a new ray of hope and all of us they bless !!!!

You are lucky enough if you get a chance to visit there ,
You’ll see the clouds talking to each other ,
The chocolate pond is again something not to forget ,
It’s really beautiful and pleasant is the weather !!

But please don’t forget , a coin has two sides ,
There even exists a scary world above the clouds….
A little adventurous nevertheless very frightening ,
And once you enter escaping is not allowed !!

The dragon fighting with the town people ,
Leaving out fire ,and thoroughly bloated…..
Pray , you don’t get to visit there ,
Killing the people is their only motive !!!

Kappas are always floating in the water ,
Feed them if you see them or else you’ll really will suffer ,
Zombies and ghosts , even are quite scary
They don’t even have anyone dear !!!

Spirits always in the air ,
Finding some love but only get hatred ,
The life here is quite gloomy ,
Have faith , and you will get a chance not for the scary world to see !!

Dreams are just a game in life ,
But don’t even take them lightly
Falling into the bad dreams will of course be a reason for despair
In the good dreams be happy and just don’t have fear!!

Don’t even be scared before you go to sleep ,
Walk carefully , try not to slip and fall direct into the bad dreams
Surviving there is not so easy as it seems ,
Try to spend some time in the castle and even the chocolate stream !!

But most importantly have a sound sleep ,
Good night , have a great night !!

“ Self worth “


: Kripaa Luthra

Everyone has a hidden talent;
And is a God’s gift
Not in same but in different fields is excellent,
Pursue your expertise and uplift !

Look at yourself in the mirror , find a beautiful picture inside,
And say to your own self “ l can do it “
Have an aim so that you don’t need to be pushed to achieve
You are doing it for your own benefit !!

Aspiration from parents is very high ,
You are born to achieve but may not be born to become a doctor or an engineer
Understand your weaknesses and never limit yourself ,
Let within you, there be no fear !!!

Always listen to your hearts ,
Learn from your mistakes and walk towards the life’s path,
Follow your dreams ,
And above all within yourself have unconditional faith !!!

Have a mission on Earth
Let not your life go waste
Follow your destiny
Don’t spoil your life just in haste !!

Always have a positive thinking
Try not to be flummoxed about your aim
Have faith in your dream
You are doing it for your own self not for fame !!!

Never give up even if you fail
Keep on trying you will get what you desire
Think of the times you bravely fought
Don’t let your dreams burn in the fire!!!

In any case be happy as a clam at high tide ,
Make sure you enjoy pursuing your aim ,
Always by discipline you abide
Enjoy the process rather than worrying about the end results ….. It’s not that tough just a life game !!!

Trust yourself , in your life success should be attained ,
It’s a call to pursue your ambition,
Imagine yourself on the highest position
Tell yourself , “ l can do it “ and “ l will do it “ !!!

You yourself are the most precious !!

The destructive emotion !!

Poem by : Kripaa Luthra 

Destroys the one whom it lives in ,
Controls your brain and every possible thing
A matter of a minute
You lose it all , the qualities you possess !!

Your life goes waste ,
All respect is lost ,
You are always subject to scorn ,
You don’t even accomplish , for what you were born !!!

This quality is ANGER ,
It makes you suffer through strife
Whatever you do results in substandard,
Start thinking about your life !!!

Only very few know how to control ,
The rest only to others keep pointing,
Red hot blood always boiling within ,
Even the society becomes very daunting!!

Learn and understand ……..
Keep your cool at all times,
Try to be calm and cheerful ,
Or your thoughts , will result in crimes !!!

All confidence is shattered
You become very stubborn ,
Decisions you make are never right
The anger within you , please let it all burn !!!

Always believe in God ,
Think positive and be positive,
Let not your negativity rule over you ,
Control yourself before you become destructive!!

Practise self control ,
Before your relations become pretentious,
Love is all gone ,
Only hatred is born !!

Pointing a finger at someone ,
You point four fingers to your own self
Not for making someone else happy
Don’t be exasperated be jovial for thyself !!

Start caring about yourself
Don’t become a slave ,
Whatever you do , do it all attentively,
Later , for happiness you will crave !!

One day from this earth you will be gone ,
Leaving indelible marks ,
Let them be of love ,
And let the warmth not be only a farce !!

It’s a call to leave behind all the rage ,
You will yourself see the change ,
In this world there will only be advancement
From your side that will be the best contribution!!!