The life after the unexpected prolonged lockdown !!

: Kripaa Luthra

This unexpected turn of events ,
And a prolonged break ,
Have affected our daily chores ,
How much happy it was before !

The life after this catastrophe will surely be contrasting ,
In a matter of days and weeks ,
Have really changed the circumstances ,
And all it will be a total freak !!

Events at the restaurant will be really mind boggling ,
Tables will be lying far apart ,
And rooms would be large ,
This is how true social distancing will start !!!

Instead of fragrance of deodorants and perfumes or the aromas
The odour of hand sanitizers will be escalated ,
Every location will have a hospital scent ,
For stopping virus growth , rooms will not be air conditioned rather be only heated !!!

The toffees with the bill ,
Will be replaced by fresh masks
The credit card will be sanitised and put in a plastic case
Without even a single trace !!!

Ladies will put back their lipsticks ,
And only shift to masks , made of diamond
The shiny bracelets will be taken over ,
By the plastic gloves with a border of gold jewels properly bound !!

Cinema hall will have a different view ,
Tickets booked will be in gaps of two
Popcorns and refreshments will all not be be allowed
Such simplicity would take over …. no one knew !!

The extremes of temperature won’t be experienced,
The regular vehicular emissions will decrease
Global warming will be reduced
With the pollution even negativity will cease !!!

We have started liking being at home ,
Rather than going for a drive ,
Our interests have now changed ,
How much really has this crisis changed our lives !!!

During this lockdown,
Animals are moving around without fear of becoming human prey ,
Rivers are clean and the nature is green ,
I wish , our country , like this it always stays !!

Rivers are much cleaner ,
The Ganga is fit for drinking ,
Fishes are swimming on its coast ,
All of them are very enthusiastic!!

But for how long will our nation be like this ??
Economic effects are grave….
It is guaranteed that within a year the pollution levels will cope up ,
Our country should be saved !!!

This corona virus crisis has taught us innumerable lessons ,
We have started appreciating simpler things in life ,
Let’s take a pledge to always work for the betterment of our country,
Let’s thank God even for the worst , to which we all strive !


Kripaa Luthra

My dad and my cool buddy ,
The best gift l could have ever achieved ,
The strong titan to crush the evil powers ,
The only hero l believe !!

You are the wind under my wings ,
And my all time ATM….
You are the one who always lends his ears ,
Whenever are risen troubles !!!

You are a chip of the old block ,
Having an organised life ,
Without forgetting the importance of fun ,
Munching at night was a habit already begun !!!

Alike are our hobbies ,
Greatest foodies are we ,
And travel bugs next travelling to London soon ,
With a great joyous smile on our faces after the refreshing poop !!

The innumerable times I counted on you,
And you never let me down…
My constant pillar of support ,
You deserve a crown !!

Maggi is our all time favourite snack ,
Suitable for all times ,
Midnight hunger pangs are a daily habit ,
We fix it up together as it is not a matter of sometime !!!!

Watching movies with you is spellbinding ,
Though it is never of our choice ,
With the remote always in you hand ,
May it be in our hands next time , try and understand!!

Troubling you was always supported by my inner voice ,
I made you nuts ,
I made you grey ,
I know you still love me anyway !!

To the world ,
You may not be a hero ,
But to me ,
You are the most incredible super hero !!

Happy father’s day !!! Love you 😍 💕

Kripaa Luthra


Kripaa Luthra

Friendship is the gift of life ,
Friends gift your life ….
Life goes better with friends ,
The day you find a friend your life is no less than a paradise!!

Friends are just like God sent angels ,
Who play an invisible role in our success ,
Laughs at jokes when they are not so good ,
Takes care of you in time of trouble when they are not so big … this is how is a true friend !!

Friends are always on your side ,
Even if you are not always right ,
Still stand only beside you like a hard rock ,
Make you feel so special that you are one in a million born !!!

Bosom buddies are they to thy ,
Friendship begins and never takes its way back ,
Love always is veracious ,
Although sometimes very demolished is the track !!!

There takes place an unexpected turn of events ,
Where the friendship is at risk ,
But the knot once tied is never released,
All we think is , thank you God for this gift !!!

Once the matter of the bond is firmly tied ,
Thoughts would always coincide ,
Hearts are filled with overvalue ,
Never on the wrong track the friends would misguide!!!

I remember the first time l met my friends ,
We were trapped in the friendship ‘s net ,
We’ve been through ups and downs ,
But nothing in the world can set us apart !!

When l wanted to cry you made me smile ,
When l was sad you made me grin ,
You are no less than a lucky charm ,
Hope in every step of life you may achieve and win !!

You won’t really have an idea how much l miss the moments spent and gone ,
I cherish our valuable long time talks ,
I recollect even the childlike scuffles ,
In school , l remember the recess walks !!

You don’t know to me what friendship has meant ,
I trust you with all my heart ,
I cannot thank you enough,
For to me you are truly an extraordinary gift !!

Happy birthday Ayona and Ananya !!!😍😘
Dedicated to my dearest friends!!

Even my all time buddy Kiara

Boundaries ……

All is a boundary within ,
Filling our hearts with darkness ,
From others they keep us away ,
Our life is filled with blackness !!

The dividing line set for ourselves
always results in less ,
The apathetic disposition limits our life ,
The end to which we desired to attain is all deprived ,
For then we will only apologise !!

Boundaries separating our homes ,
The great big wall gives rise to dejection and misery
The world is segregated leading to a hunch of being less scholarly ,
Intimacy has to overtake for all , hearts will come to light !!

The boundary in the mankind for the castes ,
All living in a different province ,
The way of life becomes convoluted,
Even the traditional veneration of saints give this thought importance!!

The obstacle in the mind has to be shattered ,
Relation in the vicinity has to be jovial ,
Why can’t the nation be within a single crown ?
Will transpire endearment and amalgamation , all together strongly we will be bound !!

With the frontier in the nation , we all are really anxious ,
Separating the states ,
The seldom conflicts for the worldly pleasures ,
Distress and dreariness are subject in all lives !!!

The fighters of the world brawling with ,
Why can’t they stand and serve together ?
Youth of the same mother , fighting for the same mother ,
Even making their mother sad , there is an urgent need for them to come altogether !!!

Even on the other side of the boundary ,
Love and respect in the heart ‘s are selfsame ,
People are equally jovial ,
With the exact feeling … one day this boundary they will overcome !!

The little ones with the same amount of mischief and playfulness ,
Similar cheerful bearing ,
Anxiety and distress are also shared equally ,
Still a boundary in between there is !!!

God has made us one and the same ,
Still is the boundary making us unconnected,
Why can’t the people be in conjunction?
Push the boundary overcome this boundary!!!

Let love have no boundaries ,
Let friendship have no boundaries ,
Let compassion have no boundaries ,
Let life have no boundaries!!

Let the world be the same God made ,
Eliminating all the man made pathetic boundaries ,
Let there be love and compassion in all hearts ,
And give our lives a new start !!!

Let feelings be boundless ,
Let the love overflow ,
Let the smile be gracious ,
That day will even make God delighted of his magnificent creation!!!

Kripaa Luthra 😁