Qui n’avance pas recule !!

: A French proverb , meaning — if you do not move forward , you move backward !

With each passing day , the clock resets , 
We live in a world that transforms everyday ,
where elegance is not attained easily ,
Often the skies turn grey and rages with storm ..
To cope up with this ongoing challenge ,
And to treat the troubles , with new solutions ,
We have to change !

The memories you cherished ,
And times you spent ,
The tears you wept and the love you gave ,
The bonds of friendship you tied ,
life that you lived ,
And the person you were ,
Will replay in your mind ,
But you have to move forward ,
Because what matters more ,
Is the person you are going to be ,
You have to move forward cuz you have to scale new heights and touch new horizons ,
You to move forward for a dream , only you can see !

You will commit mistakes ,
But you have to change failure into triumph,
Change despair to hope ,
And change dream to a reality ...

We do not live in a fairy tale ,
And hence we have to move above our comfort zones ,
We are trapped in the same old place ,
With the same attitude
But there is a wide world ,
Waiting to greet you !

You have to change
To enjoy the thrill of life ,
To be a new self ,
To give it a new start,
Embracing and learning from the lessons of the past !
You have to change , to overcome your failures
And fly high !!