Our first birthday 🎂

Hey readers !!!

Today on 17th May …. our blog DREAM DIARIES…, celebrates its first blogiversary !! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me during this journey . I couldn’t post a poem or something 🙂

A big thank you to all my friends — Kunakshi , Avishi , Nehal , Rishika , Aanya , Akriti , Akshita , Pannaga ., Yiena and manyyy more ! And my school friends— Ayona , Ananya , Khushi , kopal and Navya , who have been my first readers and are still constant supporters …. Most importantly my parents who introduced me to blogging and my teachers who’ve always encouraged me

I wasn’t in mood to make a post today but Nehal , was after my life , and was blackmailing me , she was saying that she would not talk to me for a month 🙂

And what a coincidence- my best blogging buddy Nehal also celebrates her blogiversary today ! Please don’t forget to wish her too ❤️

Here’s the food 😗

Here’s the cake , ( my mom made it )

Here we have a chocolate cake 😄

Party time 🥳

That’s all for today , thank you 💖

Bye 🤗

Qui n’avance pas recule !!

: A French proverb , meaning — if you do not move forward , you move backward !

With each passing day , the clock resets , 
We live in a world that transforms everyday ,
where elegance is not attained easily ,
Often the skies turn grey and rages with storm ..
To cope up with this ongoing challenge ,
And to treat the troubles , with new solutions ,
We have to change !

The memories you cherished ,
And times you spent ,
The tears you wept and the love you gave ,
The bonds of friendship you tied ,
life that you lived ,
And the person you were ,
Will replay in your mind ,
But you have to move forward ,
Because what matters more ,
Is the person you are going to be ,
You have to move forward cuz you have to scale new heights and touch new horizons ,
You to move forward for a dream , only you can see !

You will commit mistakes ,
But you have to change failure into triumph,
Change despair to hope ,
And change dream to a reality ...

We do not live in a fairy tale ,
And hence we have to move above our comfort zones ,
We are trapped in the same old place ,
With the same attitude
But there is a wide world ,
Waiting to greet you !

You have to change
To enjoy the thrill of life ,
To be a new self ,
To give it a new start,
Embracing and learning from the lessons of the past !
You have to change , to overcome your failures
And fly high !!

Harry Potter day + Surprise 🤓

Guys this pic is as same as Aanya’s … but am really sorry I couldn’t find a better one .., Aanya I hope it’s not a problem


Wishing you all a very very happy Harry Potter day💙💙 !!!!!! I don’t think you all know , how much I love Harry Potter .. it’s my past, present and my future 😂😂

Am so sorry for not being active since like ages , but trust me I had no ideas on what to write about .. 😕 .., but am thinking of something now

Well as for the surprise —-

We have crossed 200 followers… yayyyyyyyyyyyyy 💫…… so I thought of coming up with something interesting 😁

I am hosting a Q&A !!!!! It will be great if all of you could drop down your questions in the comments below …, I will be answering them shortly !! Awaiting a good response!!!

Did ya all miss me ? I promise I’ll post more frequently now , I’ll be doing a few tags !! I think I need a week more for a poem 😖

Well how are you all doing ? Let’s chat in the comments……

Stay safe !! And don’t forget to send me your questions 😄

Bye 💖