Christmas 🎄

The warm smell of log fires , 
And the cold nights ,
Rustling and crackling of ice ,
Reminds us to welcome the winter time !

Christmas on its way ,
To celebrate the birth of lord Christ !
The lord of simplicity ,
Who was born not in an inn ,
But just a cave , on the cold shivery night !

Lord who taught us ,
To never limit our love and respect ,
Open our hearts ,
And be the reason for the twinkle ,
On someone else’s face !

The lord who instilled humanity in us ,
Who spread the ethereal love ,
Made us realise , that they are the smiles that light up the world ,
And we need to forgive ,
To move on with the flow !

Christmas is not about our desires ,
But to be a good human being ,
Be the light in darkness ,
Spread love , in hatred ,
Smile .. and let smile , even in the worries !

Everyone is happy ,
Everyone is in love ,
Waiting for Santa , to content us with the presents !
Looking up to the the mouth watering family dinners !
The arguments between siblings ,
For who will get the major portion of the cake
And not to forget , the bets ,
Regarding who will acquire the best gifts !

But waiting for mom to get ready
‘5 minutes dear ‘ , the minutes that never come to an end !
Daddy’s reaching home is hanging fire ..!
And how do we kids control the enthusiasm ?

But Christmas is not about gifts ,
Christmas is not about food ,
Christmas is not about decoration ,
Christmas is about love , laughter ,
Christmas is about making our ethereal world , real ,
Christmas is about family time !

May this Christmas , your bonds get tight ,
And you understand the true message of life ,
Have faith , the God will rise again ,
And free us from our sins ,
Soon the love and mankind will
overbound !
This time we will welcome him , in a place no less than heaven !

Merry christmas 🖤


When wandering we are on the wrong path ,
Misguided into the darkness ,
You shine like the sun , that enables us to thrive and grow ,
Remind us , there is hope , and a wide world awaits us .
Instill in us the faith to glow ,
And inspire us to rise and shine !

You protect , you care , you love , you respect ,
You trust the divine ,
Relentlessly sacrificed so much ,
Not for name or fame , but humanity that lies within ,
Yet , never expecting anything,
With love you always gave.
With patience , perseverance and dedication you serve the almighty
And always put us together under your shining light .

You had immense passion, to follow the path of God ,
To have left your family , your friends your folks ,
You are his sent angel ,
Indeed an epitome of perfection ,
You have ignited our life with the light of motivation and the zeal to never give up !

You’re the candle that never flickers .,
So filled with warmth , which will never blaze out ,
The flames burning in the soul , cannot be extinguished with a blow ,
And Everyday it burns , is a blessing for us all !

So I wrote this for my principal on her birthday! My first poem after 7 months …. So had to publish this one

Plus did y’all miss me 🥺?