The wounded Mother Earth …….!!

Poem by : Kripaa Luthra 

It’s 2020,
Our Mother Earth is down for repair ,
Our work is a lot afflicted ,
And truly it is not fare !!!!

Our contribution has now resulted as an outbreak ,
Plastic is present in a ton ,
The regular vehiclular emissions are increasing each day ,
So, It is time for us to control the pollution in the long run

No more in trend is a warm hug ,
Our first duty is washing hands ,
People still are enjoying and partying ,
For a few days stepping out of the house should be banned !!!

Our economy is suffering a lot ,
Import and export is all at a hault ,
When will this tragedy be over???
We wanna make our lives fancy , it’s all going simple and sober !!!!

We all are aware that our lives are at a risk ,
Still we want the same amount of joy ,
Stop going out of the house ,
This applies simply for every girl and boy ……

Start caring ,the reckless Indians ,
The damage caused won’t be repaired,
Not at least yourself, think of the country ,
In all our minds it should really be cleared !!!!

Promote social distancing ,
Or else the number of patients will really be increasing,
Develop the fear in your mind because you can catch it any day ,
The country is in you hands , l am sure you will bring a change in your way !!!

Pray for the poor souls who lost their lives ,
To death they all strive !!!
The damage caused can’t be repaired ,
But all this is just a stepping stone in our life !!!

Don’t even forget the people who are still fighting ,
And the ones who are tirelessly working for our betterment ,
Silently pray to God to save the world from this calamity ,
With all our prayers , in this world there will be advancement !!!l

Things have changed in a matter of days and weeks
Institutions and entertainment centres have all closed down
There are few a cars on the road
Public places are empty all around !!

Pollution levels have come down ,
Water bodies are cleaner
Many people are at home with their families ,
The nature is greener !!!

The corona virus epidemic has hit the reset button and has changed a lot of things ,
People have started appreciating old values and simpler things in life
Animals are moving around freely ,
And for them it is a paradise !!!

There is co existence ,
Since humans have started retreating themselves in the fear of corona virus ,
Nature has started reclaiming its pace ,
And within them is only happiness !!!!

Dolphins have returned it ltaly’s coast ,
All because of the missing cruise ships ,
There are swans in the canal often filled with gondolas and people ,
But even they must have been missing the town people !!!

These examples are a grim reminder of how we humans have taken over the
earth ,
We have ruled over the territory of other living beings ,
We have destroyed , killed animals , overused resources but we do not own this planet
We share it with a lot of other living beings and we should even take care of their well being !!

Our lives are about co habitation as about the survival of other living beings
We humans cannot be bringing down forests ,destroying habitat and polluting water bodies ,
Putting the survival of other living beings at stake ,
By us the innocent creatures are only getting teased !!!

Let the corona virus crisis leave this lesson ,
Learn to co exist ,
Or the nature will find extreme ways to reclaim its pace ……
If we would have been at their place we wouldn’t be able to resist !!!

Think , ponder and leave behind all the rage ,
You will yourself see the change !!
So , to all the countrymen , let us unite ,
Remove this courageously , forever from our lives !!!


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

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