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Poems :

The gift of life ….

God has provided us with this precious gift ,The feeling of gratitude should be beyond limit ,The gift of life is all what could be ,We are gifted , still why do we quit ?? We have innumerable chances to prove ourself ,Manifold chances to reach to the victory ,We are one in a millionContinue reading “The gift of life ….”


My dad and my cool buddy ,The best gift l could have ever achieved ,The strong titan to crush the evil powers ,The only hero l believe !! You are the wind under my wings ,And my all time ATM….You are the one who always lends his ears ,Whenever are risen troubles !!! You areContinue reading ““Daddy….””


Friendship is the gift of life ,Friends gift your life ….Life goes better with friends ,The day you find a friend your life is no less than a paradise!! Friends are just like God sent angels ,Who play an invisible role in our success ,Laughs at jokes when they are not so good ,Takes careContinue reading ““Friendship….””

Boundaries ……

All is a boundary within ,Filling our hearts with darkness ,From others they keep us away ,Our life is filled with blackness !! The dividing line set for ourselvesalways results in less ,The apathetic disposition limits our life ,The end to which we desired to attain is all deprived ,For then we will only apologiseContinue reading “Boundaries ……”

What if ….. !!

What if ….life was a true movie ,We will be watching the scene before the climax ,Suspense in each situation ,But they will be just the unexpected acts !!! What if … All because of the ThanosThe unpredictable mad titan ,The fat purple beast reaches the place to spread his terror ,To fulfill his desireContinue reading “What if ….. !!”


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