Christmas 🎄

The warm smell of log fires , 
And the cold nights ,
Rustling and crackling of ice ,
Reminds us to welcome the winter time !

Christmas on its way ,
To celebrate the birth of lord Christ !
The lord of simplicity ,
Who was born not in an inn ,
But just a cave , on the cold shivery night !

Lord who taught us ,
To never limit our love and respect ,
Open our hearts ,
And be the reason for the twinkle ,
On someone else’s face !

The lord who instilled humanity in us ,
Who spread the ethereal love ,
Made us realise , that they are the smiles that light up the world ,
And we need to forgive ,
To move on with the flow !

Christmas is not about our desires ,
But to be a good human being ,
Be the light in darkness ,
Spread love , in hatred ,
Smile .. and let smile , even in the worries !

Everyone is happy ,
Everyone is in love ,
Waiting for Santa , to content us with the presents !
Looking up to the the mouth watering family dinners !
The arguments between siblings ,
For who will get the major portion of the cake
And not to forget , the bets ,
Regarding who will acquire the best gifts !

But waiting for mom to get ready
‘5 minutes dear ‘ , the minutes that never come to an end !
Daddy’s reaching home is hanging fire ..!
And how do we kids control the enthusiasm ?

But Christmas is not about gifts ,
Christmas is not about food ,
Christmas is not about decoration ,
Christmas is about love , laughter ,
Christmas is about making our ethereal world , real ,
Christmas is about family time !

May this Christmas , your bonds get tight ,
And you understand the true message of life ,
Have faith , the God will rise again ,
And free us from our sins ,
Soon the love and mankind will
overbound !
This time we will welcome him , in a place no less than heaven !

Merry christmas 🖤


When wandering we are on the wrong path ,
Misguided into the darkness ,
You shine like the sun , that enables us to thrive and grow ,
Remind us , there is hope , and a wide world awaits us .
Instill in us the faith to glow ,
And inspire us to rise and shine !

You protect , you care , you love , you respect ,
You trust the divine ,
Relentlessly sacrificed so much ,
Not for name or fame , but humanity that lies within ,
Yet , never expecting anything,
With love you always gave.
With patience , perseverance and dedication you serve the almighty
And always put us together under your shining light .

You had immense passion, to follow the path of God ,
To have left your family , your friends your folks ,
You are his sent angel ,
Indeed an epitome of perfection ,
You have ignited our life with the light of motivation and the zeal to never give up !

You’re the candle that never flickers .,
So filled with warmth , which will never blaze out ,
The flames burning in the soul , cannot be extinguished with a blow ,
And Everyday it burns , is a blessing for us all !

So I wrote this for my principal on her birthday! My first poem after 7 months …. So had to publish this one

Plus did y’all miss me 🥺?

The gift of life ….

God has provided us with this precious gift ,
The feeling of gratitude should be beyond limit ,
The gift of life is all what could be ,
We are gifted , still why do we quit ??

We have innumerable chances to prove ourself ,
Manifold chances to reach to the victory ,
We are one in a million born ,
Still why do we quit ???

Blessed are we to have a great family ,
And even generous friends ,
God’s blessings showering on us every minute , our life is so very fortunate,
Still why do we quit ??

You are alive and you can attain ,
Your aspirations are high ,
Success is,but,not the end,
Your life cannot be immaculate , still why do we quit ?

God has given us the power to choose our future ,
To laugh and cry ,
The capability to love and live,
Still why do we quit ???

Don’t quit ….
Before you die think about the one’s who will bear ,
The one’s who care ,
And the one’s who will lament !!!

Just in a minute with the stroke of a knife ,
You breathe your last ,
The shattered dreams and the wounded soul ,
How can your anguish be greater than the gift of life ??

Keep trying even if you fail ,
God gave us a dream so that we can fulfill it ,
No failure no despair can be greater than the gift of life ,
Work hard but don’t quit !!

Breathe , laugh , give and appreciate ,
Acknowledge, care and support ,
Turn your failures into building blocks….
Work as hard as you can ,even if the pace is slow !!!

Even when your eyes are filled with tears ,
You wish to smile , but only sigh ,
Have faith in prayers ,
But just don’t quit !!!

If you want to know the value of life ,
Ask someone who is at the death’s door ,
Praying to God , to grant some time ,
Just for the last time , to see his loved ones smile !!!

You matter ,
You are important ,
You are loved ,
Believe in the power of God’s will !!!

Your presence on this Earth makes a difference ,
Whether you feel or not ,
The world is a marvellous place to live in ,
Believe in yourself….. but just don’t quit !!

Enjoy your life ,
And be grateful to God for this gift ,
The world is filled with nice people to trust,
If you don’t find one, be one yourself !!!

God gave us this gift of life ,
Give yourself the gift of living ,
Don’t hope for the road to be built for you ,
Prepare the road for your own self …… but anyway , any situation just don’t quit !!!!

Focus on possibilities,
Not on failure ,
Awake the fighting spirit ,
Don’t quit … you are a winner !!!

It’s ok not to be ok ,
Talk it through , find a way ,
There is always a way ,
But please don’t quit !!!

Suicide , It leads into the world of self destruction,
Kills the one who commits ,
And even the family left behind ,
So should we quit ??

God is the master , he is the creator,
He gave us life ,
He gave us dreams to fulfil ,
He sent us to live , so before dying ask yourself , should l quit ??

Kripaa Luthra

Qui n’avance pas recule !!

: A French proverb , meaning — if you do not move forward , you move backward !

With each passing day , the clock resets , 
We live in a world that transforms everyday ,
where elegance is not attained easily ,
Often the skies turn grey and rages with storm ..
To cope up with this ongoing challenge ,
And to treat the troubles , with new solutions ,
We have to change !

The memories you cherished ,
And times you spent ,
The tears you wept and the love you gave ,
The bonds of friendship you tied ,
life that you lived ,
And the person you were ,
Will replay in your mind ,
But you have to move forward ,
Because what matters more ,
Is the person you are going to be ,
You have to move forward cuz you have to scale new heights and touch new horizons ,
You to move forward for a dream , only you can see !

You will commit mistakes ,
But you have to change failure into triumph,
Change despair to hope ,
And change dream to a reality ...

We do not live in a fairy tale ,
And hence we have to move above our comfort zones ,
We are trapped in the same old place ,
With the same attitude
But there is a wide world ,
Waiting to greet you !

You have to change
To enjoy the thrill of life ,
To be a new self ,
To give it a new start,
Embracing and learning from the lessons of the past !
You have to change , to overcome your failures
And fly high !!

Célébrer la vie! ❤️

Love , laugh , enjoy .., 
Live life .., and enjoy every moment ..,
For you don’t know .., if there exists a tomorrow,
You don’t even know .., what path you are gonna follow !
Find the courage ,
To wear your scars with pride ,
To accept yourself , the way you are ..,
Find tolerance and be selfless ,
Make your flaw., your forte ,
And love yourself unconditionally!

Don’t plan the future .., you can’t foresee what lies ahead ..,
Run .., run so fast that the fear of death and darkness never pace up ..,
Breathe .., breathe the whole world .., find your happiness ,
Don’t be bothered about failure ,
It’s just another hurdle that you ought to accept and learn ,
And again fly high ,
Cuz you have to be the person hidden inside you!

Dwell on dreams .., work hard ,
But it does not do to forget to live ,
No mountain can ever be conquered ,
Without cheer and laughter ,
Happiness can not be tasted without hard work and slogging ,
It’s the cowards who believe in destiny ,
life cannot be met , without confidence and conviction !

Release your life , don’t let it be wrapped up tight ,
Move along , and stop where the winds take you ,
Fly free , fly high , and never look back to moan on the gone !

Accept every colour of the world ,
You are the bird that has to spread its wings .,
you have to seize your victories where they lie ,
You are the candle , which has to burn without a flicker ,
And never let the hope of happiness die ,
You have the power , that is not afraid of obstacles that block your way ,
This is the gift of life ,
That walks in the way you guide ,
Make the best of it ,
Because the moment left .., will never come back ,
And this moment is yours , to hold and enjoy !

A new start !!

The clock struck twelve , 
‘Twas time for a new voyage to begin ,
A new start , with a new ray of hope ,
A new journey unfolds ,
Path ahead is covered with mist ,
And reveals itself with each step ,
But we take it to ourselves, to make the very best !

We revive our dreams ,
Bring back our aims ,
We begin a new chapter ,
And forget the past ,
Look up to many more opportunities ,
Jump over the obstacles ,
We focus on possibilities , and not on our flaws,
Stand confident , make a difference,
And let’s give our life , a fresh start !

Hold on , and don’t let the demon within you rise ,
Put water on the fire of anger , that is burning within ,
Let the cruelty die ,
And resolve to become a better person with the year passing by !

Dream big , make the stars your limit ,
Keep your roots intact ,
Have a joyful spirit,
Make the things go your way ,
And prove yourself ,
That your presence on this earth makes a difference,
Be relaxed and peaceful , and have a heart full of love ,
Succeed in every field ,
Accomplish your destiny ,
Shine bright like the sun ,
And Take this year , make it yours !

Happy new year 2021

Faith ….

After darkness …. brightness lies ahead !!!!

When all seems dark ..,
No ray of hope …,
When life seems dull ,
And problems going up ,
When you wish to smile ,
But only sigh ,
There is a belief ,
That you will get out of it ,
There is faith ,
The faith that encourages you to win !!

When all stand against you ,
No one trusts you ,
When you are treated ,
The way you don’t deserve ,
When you feel ,
There is no solution to get out ,
The demolished track with sharp turns and bends ,
There is faith ,
The faith that motivates you, to walk till the very end !

When no one accepts you ,
And leaves you ,
To deal with your troubles all alone ,
Neither foes nor your friends turn up ,
Sadly you accept , that is how it is !
But there is faith ,
The faith that inspires you ,
And re-iterates in your heart ,
That you alone are enough , you alone are the best ,
Nothing can dim the light that shines within you ,
You are the universe in human form ,
The faith that gives you the power ,
To realise that you are the light over the darkness !

When you walk through the roads …
Filled with gloom and sorrow ,
You struggle enough to get out ,
But in any situation, your faith isn’t lost ,
You eventually get out ,
There is hope , and no doubt !

After dusk ,
The dawn pulls in ,
When your life goes dim ,
Have faith , Never tend to lose hope ,
Let your faith be bigger than your fear ,
You may encounter many defeats ,
But you must not be defeated ,
Rise above the challenges and meet life again ,!

I wrote this poem for the second week of advent …. which signifies faith !! Will try to write something for joy as well 😁 n I totally forgot to write about hope 😅

MOM …!!

The one who brings you to this world ,
Who’ll love you everyday ,
No matter what happens ,
Smile on your face ,
She will still bring !!!

The slim and short woman ,
Who’s really very smart ,
Perfect in every field ,
Except anger control ,
which she’s still trying on !!

She is the sun , who brighten’s up my day ,
The friend , whom you can trust with your secrets ,
The pillar , you can rest on ,
But nothing can be compared , to her love !

A wonderful writer , an awesome singer ,
An outstanding cake artist ,
One who has the solution even to the lamest question,
It’s none other than you , MY MOM !!

Your finger licking dishes ,
Great culinary skills you possess ,
Lovely looks ,
You are our miss world !!

Despite all the qualities you possess ,
My love for you ,
Is not because of this !!

I love you beyond any reason ,
Beyond any measure ,
Because you are the one who enlightens my life ,
You are the reason for whom I today am !!

Without you , life would be empty ,
You guide me in every situation ,
And help me accomplish!!
My poem for you , is not that good ,
Cause I wrote it all alone ,
But that’s how I feel ,
It’s just the words that lack out !!

I don’t know , from where do you gain ,
This much of energy ,
To perform the innumerable chores ,
And still smile ,
As if everything was perfectly alright. !!!

I always wondered , why you did it all ,
Fulfill my desires each time I want ,
Stand for me , whenever I call ,
It’s inexhaustible love for me ,
Thank you mom , for it all !!

You gave me wings to fly ,
Even taught me the magic , of compassion and love ,
You fixed my broken wings ,
You are the true angel , and the best gift I could have got !!

You are just like ,
A dark chocolate with an almond ,
You eat , and cherish it for days ,
But I will cherish you forever !

God sent you to me ,
As a special gift from above ,
To teach me life lesson’s ,
And shower me with your love !!!!

Happy Birthday mumma ,
I owe everything to you ,
The person I am and will be ..
Love you 💖 !!

Diwali ….

The Festival of Lights ,
The festival in which bonds get tight ,
The festival of smiles ,
The festival in which the nation unites ,
And together shines !

The return of lord Rama ,
To Ayodhya ..,
After a long exile ..,
Lord Krishna defeated ,
The demon Narakasura,
Diya’s burnt brightly …,
Our vices are blazed , and go up in the smoke !!

The spirit of festivities ,
The spirit of happiness ,
The spirit of celebration ,
The spirit that re-in states that in any situation, God will come to help !!

The array of colours,
The sweet smell of flowers ,
The beautiful decoration,
Is awaited by everyone ,
With all their hearts !!

But not indeed the boom ban ..,
Loud exasperating noise ..,
Which makes it difficult to step out ,
The lungs scream ,
The throat chokes ,
We leave mankind on the edge of a sword ,
Is pleasure obtained ?
By risking your own self ?

The threatened animals and birds ..,
Their nest is destroyed ..,
Just when a cracker is released !!

Chirping birds , faithful puppies ..,
Who live on the street ,..
They go blind .., they go deaf , they die ..
How can we humans be so ruthless ,
By not letting an innocent breathe free !!?

Global warming increasing each year ..,
Forgetting that lord had sent us to live ..,
And make this earth a beautiful place to live in ..,
For this intolerant behaviour ,
We only deserve gagging up , in our very own gas chambers!

Every underprivileged on the road ,
Forcefully has to go through .,
Days filled with smoky skies ,
Cough and sneeze ,
Because we , don’t tweak !!

Prayers and rituals ,
Earliest in the morning ,
Exchanging Good wishes for the loved ones ,
All the evening chore ,
Love for the nature ,
Should it not be on the top ?
In the long list ?

Why can’t we care for the environment,
Like our dear ones ?
Why can’t we show compassion ,
For the beggars and the homeless animals .. ??
So many hearts are filled with sorrow ,
How can we hope for a better tomorrow?
After all , we all are the same ,
Save the humanity ,
Save humankind !

This Diwali ,
Do something big for your own self ,
Take a step forward ,
From within ,
To be a good human being !

Bring an evolution in your life ,
Light the candles ,
Light the diya’s , In your heart ,
And spiritually make this Diwali ,
The best one !!!

The victory of good over evil ,
The victory of knowledge over ignorance ,
The victory of life over death ,
Just be a good human ,
All the happiness,
Finding its way ,
Will knock your door !!!

May this Diwali teach you something important ,
May this Diwali be the most joyous ,
May this Diwali bring prosperity of mind ,
May the spirit of light illuminate the world ,
May this Diwali , wealth of knowledge , is attained !!

Happy Diwali

“An ode to a strong woman”

The most dexterous creation of the almighty ,
The heart and soul of the home ,
But the soul aim of her life ,
Why always , is to keep her husband happy ??

Dressed like a princess on her wedding day ,
Fancy trousseau , expensive jewellery ,
Doesn’t it seem like ,
The sacrifice of the poor lamb ??

Persistent kitchen devoir ,
Are intertwined with her life ,
Is this what her identity is ??
Our society , should indeed be abashed !!

A woman’s life ,
Its just not a rough journey ,
It is made tough ,
Always put beside her , are immense anticipations !!

Parents strive to raise ,
Strong and independent girls ,
Then why ??
Do they spend ,
Their life’s savings ,
On their daughters wedding ??

She leaves her home ,
Where she has all the memories grown ,
Her parents ,
Who need support , for they are even old ,
She changes her name ,
Why always is it only her ??

Engagements , marriage,
Pregnancies ,
Are these the only important days ,
Of a woman ‘s life ??
Why in the name of traditions
Are they always suppressed ?

Tormenting woman sexually ,
Is today , a recurrent act in our country ,
A country where goddesses are worshiped ,
The same nation ,
Are the women highly belittled !!

The neoteric Indian Hathras incident ,
That sends a shiver down our spines ,
Are all the Nirbhaya’s to soon forgotten , ???
How can the domestic violence not be addressed ,
Why is the position of women ,
Always so precarious ??

We are today engaging attention ,
On empowering the women ,
What the most overriding concern should be ,
Is to instruct the men ,
To live with the empowered women !!

Despite all the dejection and misery ,
Which is compelled into her life ,
To achieve her position in the society ,
She always strives..
Is a mother’s love bound ,
Only with her culinary skills ??

She’s Durga,
She’s Kali,
The Hindu goddess of empowerment and love ,
And the perfect idol we need today !!!

Crush patriarchy ,
Change unfair traditions ,
If not , development and equality ,
Will just be far fetched dreams !!

She is the change ,
That will change the million ,
She is the light ,
Because of which the nation shines ,
She is the laughter ,
The reason behind our smiles …
She is our strength ,
For we today stand with pride …,
She has a heart of gold ,
With love for all ,
Dear society ,
Give her wings ,
And let her fly !
So here is an ode ,
To a strong woman , with a high vision !

“ Mahatma Gandhi ”

An old and simple man ,
Dressed in white ,
With a stick in hand ,
But the resolute credence glowed deep within !!

Non violence , was the path he preached ,
Believed in simplicity, lived in austerity ,
Wrapped in a dhoti and shawl , not an elaborate attire ,
Immense contentment he still attained !!

Harmony and morality he believed in ,
Countless times , when he had been put behind the bars ,
Fought to gain his right , but violence had never been a part of his fight ,
Satygrah , he followed , for the nation he was a star !!

The swadeshi movement ,
A warning for the British to quit the country ,
To Boycott the British goods ,
He himself spun the cloth ,
Evoked the spirit of freedom in the country’s heart !!

The Dandi March ,
He set off to make salt on the seaside ,
To stop the use of British goods ,
It instilled the strength and hope in the people!!

His morals can never be forgotten ,
Gandhian values are alive in all hearts ,
Peace , integrity and humanity ,
Are still the strength of the nation !!

He wanted all religions to unite ,
Live with harmony and respect ,
And never discriminate on the basis of black and white ,
Being an Indian , to always be our first religion !!

He gave his life , not for pride ,
Not for fame ,
But the humanity that lies all within ,
Just with a single call ,
Could he declare himself as the prime minister ,
But took the right decision for the country,
He is none other than the father of our nation !!

The father who united us all ,
The father because of whom we are free to breathe ,
The father who has left behind innumerable values ,
The father of every individual,
The father of the nation !!

Wishing you all a very happy GANDHI Jayanti!!

And wishing the second prime minster Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri a very happy birthday… an unsung hero but a true super hero !

“Grandma “

Simple , sweet , a woman of love ,
Some silver hair ,
But a heart of pure gold ,
And uncomparable is the love you share !!

A little short heighted ,
But a jackpot of wisdom ,
Sometimes grumpy 😂,
But overfilled with tenderness !!

From childhood stories ,
To our adult secrets shhhh 🤫!
You have been a part of everything,
Through thick and thin ,
And through anything!!

You held my hand ,
And guided me ,
Pampered me ,
And Unconditionally loved me !!

Your life incidents ,
Have always grabbed my attention ,
Eating your scrumptious food ,
Has to never be forgotten !!

Your infectious laughter ,
Your subtle wink
You are a blessing in our lives ,
You are a true gem who brightly shines !!

Your laborious yoga stunts ,
Will leave even the great confused ,
Don’t laugh , it’s not funny ,
I always appreciate you !!

The custard you cook ,
Has the power ,
For it can make even a chef bow !!

You are the one ,
As young as me ,
Sometimes I do try to outsmart you ,
But all I look is a fool !! 😶

You are the smile I wish to see ,
Moments spent with you are embedded deep in my memory ,
I look up to the togetherness ,
For you are the one ..
With whom I love to be !!

You placed your arms around me ,
And I could plainly see ,
That all the love in your heart ,
Is there just for me !

Love you grandma !

“A teacher ”

When the first time I entered this school ,
You held my hand and took me to the shelter of warmth ,
Assured me to have no fear ,
We were all friends and were to have unlimited fun !!!

The heart of the class ,
The soul of the school ,
A dictionary for every inquisitive mind ,
After our mom’s , caring hands , it was just you !!

You were the wind under my wings ,
You held my hand into the world of knowledge,
Years passed by and as I grew ,
You modified me into a keen learner !!!

The lessons you taught ,
Are embedded in my heart deep within ,
The love you spread ,
Has enlighten our lives … with the light that never dim’s !!

You brought the start to our lives ,
Pushed us to always stand high ,
An idol ,
You are a role model in every young mind !!

Your affection always got my attention ,
Every day you plant a seed ,
Of curiosity and excitement ,
And a will to outstand !!

God created you teachers ,
To lead us into a world of knowledge ,
To build our world into a much better place !!!

You understood our interests ,
Inspired us to pursue our hobbies ,
Explained us the beezee weezee tough things ,
All in a simply easy way !!!

Be it any situation, any condition ,
You were always there to teach ,
Be it online or in a classroom ,
Always would you give your best !!

You were always a pillar of support ,
And anytime we could count on you ,
You gave rise to the poet inside me ,
For the best of your student you always think !

Thank you for all your love ,
For the faith you had in us ,
Salute to your staggering efforts,
To have you as our teachers makes us truly blessed !!!

A very happy teacher’s day to all my dear teachers !!

Thank you buddies for your support … we have crossed 200 likes !! Looking up to your support further too 😘😘

“ Freedom … ”

Once , years before,
When the nation was under a rule ,
The Indians were mistreated,
Life was no less than a misery !!!

Britishers who ruled over our country ,
Forced the fright in our lives ,
We were bent before the heartless English men ,
Hoping for freedom , one day it will arrive !!

Less paid income ,
The diminishing of the small scale plants ,
Demanded high taxes , even on the smallest strips of land …
Lead to impoverishment of the Indians !!

They eliminated the Indian culture,
Instilled their trends into our lives ,
How could we be happy ,
When our credence was just made a jest of ??

Unemployment , was a major issue ,
For the poverty struck situation in India ,
We were pushed out of the factories we built ,
Cottage industries were just diminished !!!

For even our minor needs ,
We had to sit on our knees and open our hands ,
Beg for everything,
Beg for even our lives !!

Farmers were forced to grow cash crops ,
Instead of wheat and rice ,
They did not get food to eat ,
Neither had money to purchase some !!

Time passed by , conditions became even worse ,
They were the reason for unrest in our lives ,
They were the reason for all our fright ,
They were the reason for our bad lives !!

But then , arose a spark in millions of hearts ,
Mahatma Gandhi , Subhash Chandra Bose , Bhagat Singh and many more ,
To see the nation free ,
To see the millions free !!!

Instilled in us the want for freedom ,
To breathe free, to live free ,
Impelled us to fight for justice ,
Incited us to push out the pitiless !!!

Treated worse than slaves ,
Thrashed badly ,
Spent months and years in prisons ,
Even considered criminals!!!

There were many obstacles in the path to freedom,
And we were always under rated ,
But the time had come to show them, what we Indians were made of…

For all the atrocities,
The Indians had tolerated , it was time for ,
Adequate fights ,
And the final blood bath….

They toiled to breathe freely,
Blood flowed everywhere…..
The time was full of agonised days ,
But keen souls ,
There was no looking back ….

And one fine day ,
The happiness arose in all lives ,
The Britishers were pushed out ,
The tricolour was hoisted with full pride ,
But it wasn’t as easy as we thought !!

Freedom fighter’s first religion was their country ,
For them their country was everything …
Being Independent is the biggest gift one can achieve ,
Being independent in true senses is our duty !!!

Let’s not forget their sacrifice ,
For the flag to always be high ,
Salute to our freedom fighters ,
Thank the men who gave you this liberty to live !!!

Happy 74 th Independence Day !!!

“ Lord Krishna … ”

The tiny tot ,
Butter always would he manage to pilfer ,
His beautiful blue hue , and the peacock feather on his nut ,
The flute in his hands , he plays a mellifluous tune ….

Lord Krishna , Lord of love , compassion and tenderness ,
The epitome of morality ,
Justice truth and selflessness ,
Worldwide were his values pleased !!!!

He taught us life lessons ,
Through the Bhagvad Gita ,
We come to this world empty handed ,
And will go empty handed !!

Yet we fight for worldly pleasures ,
To excel in different fields ,
For wealth , for being the best in everything,
Still can ever our desires be satiated ??

Aim at being the best person at heart ,
Let not your pleasure be in caring about the conclusion ,
Let all the effort you put in ,over shine ,
Strive to be the best version of yourself ,
Donate , care for the others , be true from within ,
Whatever you give , the universe will return in its greatest form !!

Be an ideal friend ,
Lord Krishna , who lived a luxurious life ,
His companion Sudama on the other hand was only necessitous ,
Never had he ever ,let their quality of life to strike their friendship ,
Had been the best of friends by heart ,
Till they breathed their last !!

In the present times though,
Our friendship relies on our financial status ,
And on the extravagance of our life ,
A well to do person has uncountable buddies ,
Why can’t friendship be prudent without being money minded ??

Truth can never be pulled down ,
Take action when you feel something is not right ,
The truth one day will be witnessed by the world ,
You cannot conceal it ,
Raise your voice for the right ,
No matter whom the person is ,
You are sent by God for a good deed ,
Let your presence be fruitful !!!

World is perishable ,
A person who has come ,
One day has to go ,
Let your deeds be exceptionally outstanding ,that you are an inspiration in all hearts !!!

The mischievous boy ,
The terrible prankster ,
Still never forgot his morals ,
His life was filled with sparkle !!

Believe in God ,
Have faith in him with all your heart ,
Be merciful and generous from within ,
And see him leading you in every step of life !!!
Have unconditional faith in him,
Like the innocent Draupadi,
He will protect you from even the worse situations ,
And save your life in any condition !!

Thank him,for every new day of life ,
Thank him, for always being by your side ,
Practise his virtues and imbibe them in your life ,
And ,You will see God ,within you ,and you will over shine !!

Happy janamashtami to all my fellow readers and buddies ….. really sorry for being so late with my next post …. hope you enjoy 😉😉

A younger sis ….. 😘😘

           Kripaa Luthra 

My younger sister and my bosom buddy ,
Best friends we will forever be ,
You’re quite a good sister ,
After the outstanding me !!

You are truly nitrous oxide ,
And bring the laughter to my life ,
Oh … the drama queen ,
You’re the number one attention seeker ….

Your infectious smile can bring life to a dull room ,
Your vivacious nature brightens up our lives ,
Your ear splitting unpleasant shrill cries exasperates all ,
Your dusty echoing , anger , has a grave repercussion specially a long lasting headache …..

Daddy’s little princess ,
Mom’s cutie pie ……
Stop pretending the endearment,
Remember , you will always be less loved than me !!

Your extraordinary dancing moves ,
Can put Michael Jackson to ignominy ,
Your melodious voice , our nightingale ,
You are our song bird who has lit our hearts , who has lit our soul , who has lit our lives !!!

Your love for Alia Bhatt,
The dream to hug her once ,
The love for a banned actress ,
You better have faith, before meeting her even gets banned !!!😉

Your love for Donuts ,
The mouth watering dish ,
I miss the times , we together ate with dripping chocolate off your mouth ,
But don’t eat much , before you get chubby and eating it you just wanna make it a wish !!

Your crying childhood days ,
When going to school would just be a stomach ache ,
The tantrums you made ,
And now it’s the same girl who is a lover of learning scholar !!

Your spew times ,
When even a small journey becomes stinky ,
And slow because of the slow car ,
I still remember when you threw out directly on my head on my birthday ,
Always remember you were never forgiven ,
So , hey the pueky queen of this house ,
No one is as talented as you are !!

Your Rapanzul like long hair ,
The soft and silky hair ,
Your pride your hair ,
But l still wish them to be cut off !! 😅

Your charming hair ,
Your prepossessing looks ,
Your clever brain ,
It’s none other than you MY sis ….

Thank me for all the gifts ,
Even the card which took days ,
For the photo in the frame ,
And even for this poem !!

A sister ,
Is someone who loves you from heart ,
As much as much you fight ,
You can never be drawn apart !

Happy birthday Kiara …. 😘😘

Sons of the soil …..

Born to the mother are millions of sons,
Born on the soil are too many ,
Born for the family are even not less,
But born for the soil are the jewels , very limited are these , the brawny !!!

The army men of the nation …
The man of steel fighting in the adverse situation,
The men of valour ,
The men who can sacrifice!!!

Brave hearts who knowingly risk their lives ,
Knowing , one day they will die ,
Their only dream , to see the flag fly high ,
But their sacrifices are never in vain !!!

Strong mothers who love their nation ,
Let the child conquer the land ,
Holding back the tears ,
For the country they set a motivation !!

We know only about the few died in the attack ,
Are left unsung the million others daily died on the border ,
Respect deserved is neglected ,
Uncelebrated are the martyrs !!

Selfless actions ,
Forgetting the fear ,
Forgetting ,this is not a game of pitch and toss ,
But ,a game of life and death ,
Risk it all in a moment of war ,
Last wish to make their country free ,
See the country smile once before !!

They are the pride of Indian soul ,
Inspire the youth and set a mark for the country’s respect ,
Far from their loved ones ,
For the nation to sleep in peace !!!

The gallant sacrifices,
The millions injured ,
The thousands warriors ,
They are the ones who even had fear !!

Fear to hold the gun ,
Fear to end lives ,
Fear to be apart from their dearest ones ,
Conquered their fear , to serve their motherland !!!

He may not always be there for his child ,
To celebrate his birthday or some achievement,
But,Always is he there for ,when the nation calls ,
Knowing the danger risks their life , duty first , they are always ready !!

The fallacy of religion ,
Has divided the world ,
But not the soldiers …..
Son’s of the same mother,
Are serving the same mother ,
They are Indian ….their first religion.
So why is this delusion separating us all humans ?

The bullet fired from the gun ,
Does not ask the fighter his religion ,
Shoots an Indian in just a minute ,
Kills an Indian , with the same vision !!

Salute to the martyrs ,
Salute to the jawans ,
Salute to the son’s of the soil ,
Salute to their sacrifices,
Salute to the nation for the Marvellous born !!!

The life after the unexpected prolonged lockdown !!

: Kripaa Luthra

This unexpected turn of events ,
And a prolonged break ,
Have affected our daily chores ,
How much happy it was before !

The life after this catastrophe will surely be contrasting ,
In a matter of days and weeks ,
Have really changed the circumstances ,
And all it will be a total freak !!

Events at the restaurant will be really mind boggling ,
Tables will be lying far apart ,
And rooms would be large ,
This is how true social distancing will start !!!

Instead of fragrance of deodorants and perfumes or the aromas
The odour of hand sanitizers will be escalated ,
Every location will have a hospital scent ,
For stopping virus growth , rooms will not be air conditioned rather be only heated !!!

The toffees with the bill ,
Will be replaced by fresh masks
The credit card will be sanitised and put in a plastic case
Without even a single trace !!!

Ladies will put back their lipsticks ,
And only shift to masks , made of diamond
The shiny bracelets will be taken over ,
By the plastic gloves with a border of gold jewels properly bound !!

Cinema hall will have a different view ,
Tickets booked will be in gaps of two
Popcorns and refreshments will all not be be allowed
Such simplicity would take over …. no one knew !!

The extremes of temperature won’t be experienced,
The regular vehicular emissions will decrease
Global warming will be reduced
With the pollution even negativity will cease !!!

We have started liking being at home ,
Rather than going for a drive ,
Our interests have now changed ,
How much really has this crisis changed our lives !!!

During this lockdown,
Animals are moving around without fear of becoming human prey ,
Rivers are clean and the nature is green ,
I wish , our country , like this it always stays !!

Rivers are much cleaner ,
The Ganga is fit for drinking ,
Fishes are swimming on its coast ,
All of them are very enthusiastic!!

But for how long will our nation be like this ??
Economic effects are grave….
It is guaranteed that within a year the pollution levels will cope up ,
Our country should be saved !!!

This corona virus crisis has taught us innumerable lessons ,
We have started appreciating simpler things in life ,
Let’s take a pledge to always work for the betterment of our country,
Let’s thank God even for the worst , to which we all strive !


Kripaa Luthra

My dad and my cool buddy ,
The best gift l could have ever achieved ,
The strong titan to crush the evil powers ,
The only hero l believe !!

You are the wind under my wings ,
And my all time ATM….
You are the one who always lends his ears ,
Whenever are risen troubles !!!

You are a chip of the old block ,
Having an organised life ,
Without forgetting the importance of fun ,
Munching at night was a habit already begun !!!

Alike are our hobbies ,
Greatest foodies are we ,
And travel bugs next travelling to London soon ,
With a great joyous smile on our faces after the refreshing poop !!

The innumerable times I counted on you,
And you never let me down…
My constant pillar of support ,
You deserve a crown !!

Maggi is our all time favourite snack ,
Suitable for all times ,
Midnight hunger pangs are a daily habit ,
We fix it up together as it is not a matter of sometime !!!!

Watching movies with you is spellbinding ,
Though it is never of our choice ,
With the remote always in you hand ,
May it be in our hands next time , try and understand!!

Troubling you was always supported by my inner voice ,
I made you nuts ,
I made you grey ,
I know you still love me anyway !!

To the world ,
You may not be a hero ,
But to me ,
You are the most incredible super hero !!

Happy father’s day !!! Love you 😍 💕

Kripaa Luthra


Kripaa Luthra

Friendship is the gift of life ,
Friends gift your life ….
Life goes better with friends ,
The day you find a friend your life is no less than a paradise!!

Friends are just like God sent angels ,
Who play an invisible role in our success ,
Laughs at jokes when they are not so good ,
Takes care of you in time of trouble when they are not so big … this is how is a true friend !!

Friends are always on your side ,
Even if you are not always right ,
Still stand only beside you like a hard rock ,
Make you feel so special that you are one in a million born !!!

Bosom buddies are they to thy ,
Friendship begins and never takes its way back ,
Love always is veracious ,
Although sometimes very demolished is the track !!!

There takes place an unexpected turn of events ,
Where the friendship is at risk ,
But the knot once tied is never released,
All we think is , thank you God for this gift !!!

Once the matter of the bond is firmly tied ,
Thoughts would always coincide ,
Hearts are filled with overvalue ,
Never on the wrong track the friends would misguide!!!

I remember the first time l met my friends ,
We were trapped in the friendship ‘s net ,
We’ve been through ups and downs ,
But nothing in the world can set us apart !!

When l wanted to cry you made me smile ,
When l was sad you made me grin ,
You are no less than a lucky charm ,
Hope in every step of life you may achieve and win !!

You won’t really have an idea how much l miss the moments spent and gone ,
I cherish our valuable long time talks ,
I recollect even the childlike scuffles ,
In school , l remember the recess walks !!

You don’t know to me what friendship has meant ,
I trust you with all my heart ,
I cannot thank you enough,
For to me you are truly an extraordinary gift !!

Happy birthday Ayona and Ananya !!!😍😘
Dedicated to my dearest friends!!

Even my all time buddy Kiara

Boundaries ……

All is a boundary within ,
Filling our hearts with darkness ,
From others they keep us away ,
Our life is filled with blackness !!

The dividing line set for ourselves
always results in less ,
The apathetic disposition limits our life ,
The end to which we desired to attain is all deprived ,
For then we will only apologise !!

Boundaries separating our homes ,
The great big wall gives rise to dejection and misery
The world is segregated leading to a hunch of being less scholarly ,
Intimacy has to overtake for all , hearts will come to light !!

The boundary in the mankind for the castes ,
All living in a different province ,
The way of life becomes convoluted,
Even the traditional veneration of saints give this thought importance!!

The obstacle in the mind has to be shattered ,
Relation in the vicinity has to be jovial ,
Why can’t the nation be within a single crown ?
Will transpire endearment and amalgamation , all together strongly we will be bound !!

With the frontier in the nation , we all are really anxious ,
Separating the states ,
The seldom conflicts for the worldly pleasures ,
Distress and dreariness are subject in all lives !!!

The fighters of the world brawling with ,
Why can’t they stand and serve together ?
Youth of the same mother , fighting for the same mother ,
Even making their mother sad , there is an urgent need for them to come altogether !!!

Even on the other side of the boundary ,
Love and respect in the heart ‘s are selfsame ,
People are equally jovial ,
With the exact feeling … one day this boundary they will overcome !!

The little ones with the same amount of mischief and playfulness ,
Similar cheerful bearing ,
Anxiety and distress are also shared equally ,
Still a boundary in between there is !!!

God has made us one and the same ,
Still is the boundary making us unconnected,
Why can’t the people be in conjunction?
Push the boundary overcome this boundary!!!

Let love have no boundaries ,
Let friendship have no boundaries ,
Let compassion have no boundaries ,
Let life have no boundaries!!

Let the world be the same God made ,
Eliminating all the man made pathetic boundaries ,
Let there be love and compassion in all hearts ,
And give our lives a new start !!!

Let feelings be boundless ,
Let the love overflow ,
Let the smile be gracious ,
That day will even make God delighted of his magnificent creation!!!

Kripaa Luthra 😁

What if ….. !!

            -    Kripaa luthra 

What if ….life was a true movie ,
We will be watching the scene before the climax ,
Suspense in each situation ,
But they will be just the unexpected acts !!!

What if … All because of the Thanos
The unpredictable mad titan ,
The fat purple beast reaches the place to spread his terror ,
To fulfill his desire , ending the life from the universe , using the magical stones will come the giant !

What if … the thought of removing the burden from the people was revived ,
Bringing an end to the overpopulation…
Will be escalated this mortal disease through the power of his gauntlet ,
Anyone to interfere had been brought to an end through the powerful double edged sword , gloominess spread all in our nation !!!

What if ….James Bond comes in his great car ,
Determine the cause for the proliferation of the fatal disease ,
Death blow the ones responsible and seek vengeance,
And our safety he will guarantee !!

What if … he rides us in his marvellous car ,
Save the world from the calamity ,
And finally leave without a good bye …..
In the nick of time ….will get over the tragedy !!

What if …. Still is left alive the brawny Thanos ,
And Ant man makes his presence known ,
Expand his butt and bring an end to the wicked monster ,
Finally there will be a control in the number of the tragic demises , all the sadness will even be blown !!

What if …. The relation in the vicinity was no longer corresponding ,
The love will be really affected ….
Although , humanity was already lost, but that time even the humans will be less in number ,
Situation after the catastrophe will be really complicated!!

What if … The Harry Potter was seen on his broom ,
Backpedaling the peril ,
Either it be the economy or anxiety
Was all turned upside down ….. just with the roll of a wand …. all changed the inner feelings !!

What if …Dr.Strange prognosticates , life will be happier but the pollution will be out of control …..
No one will be able to have it in hand ,
Then will be witness of The Wonder Woman , the queen of the Amazon ,
With the aim , the world will change , it has to be cleaner the land !!

What if …these characters really are witnessed by us ??
Even the hustle and bustle will make us feel exhilarated ….
Though such a life is barely possible ,
Don’t close the mind’s eye , this fantasy would really be awaited !!!

MATHS : a challenge in a student’s life ….

Hectic , boring , mind boggling ,
It just takes away your head ,
Studying it mind just swings ,
And one day you will really be dead ……..

Practise practice practice ,
Everyone says it is the only key to success ,
Memorising it is a really tough job ,
But you just need to have trust in God !!!!

Maths just goes in and out of the brain ,
After you see the the paper your efforts are all in vain ,
Is there any other way that we can pass ???
And of course it is the most boring class ………

Studying it early in the morning spoils your day ,
It’s all done in a very weird way !!
I pledge to ban maths ,
So that they stop running in your head all the rats …….

Because of frustration it makes you red,
But you trust me you will never be brain dead !
Maths lovers please don’t worry because it won’t be banned ,
Just not mandatory after 8th and still you can study !!!!

Don’t talk to me about the country ‘s economy ,
Think of the youth
Too many cooks spoil the broth ,
Too many children studying maths will spoil the economy !

Whoever has invented maths has done a great crime ,
And will never be forgiven in his whole life !!!!
Buddies yet it is not banned try to cope up with the ongoing exasperation,
Contentment will be achieved and your life will be a paradise !!

All there will be only happiness!!

– Kripaa Luthra

My first poem 🤩🤩🤗🤗!

And my inspiration to write!!

The life of an underprivileged….. 😔

– Kripaa Luthra

My life begins under a tree ,
Not even in a hospital ,
I don’t even have enough clothes to wear ,
My condition is really critical ……..
Bless me God please God
Since years l am waiting for the nod !!!!!!

I only have to fill myself with water ,
I am the most underprivileged daughter …..
My mother is a beggar ,
My father is a cobbler !!!
Bless me God please God ,
Since years l am waiting for the nod !!!!!

I pray to God l get some money ,
As it hears it’s not that funny ….
I usually spend my day crying alone ,
How to spend my childhood ?
I don’t even have money to afford a balloon !!!!!
Bless me God please God ,
Since years l am waiting for the nod !!!!!

In a year or two my hands will be cut off ,
And l will go begging for money all around …….
I am hungry give me something to eat ,
I wish for a mattress , l just don’t like the ground !!!
Bless me God please God,
Since years l am waiting for the nod !!!

I even pray to God for the poor stray dogs ,
For me they are just like God ,
Only they give me something to eat ,
What they find on the old woody street !!!!
Bless me God please God ,
Since years l am waiting for the nod!!!!

I pray for the welfare of all human beings ,
In the next life l wish to be happy , l think l should keep seeing …..
l don’t want to be rich just want some money ,
Even you pray for me buddy !!!!!
Bless me God please God ,
Since years l am waiting for the nod !!!!! Bless me !!!!

The wounded Mother Earth …….!!

Poem by : Kripaa Luthra 

It’s 2020,
Our Mother Earth is down for repair ,
Our work is a lot afflicted ,
And truly it is not fare !!!!

Our contribution has now resulted as an outbreak ,
Plastic is present in a ton ,
The regular vehiclular emissions are increasing each day ,
So, It is time for us to control the pollution in the long run

No more in trend is a warm hug ,
Our first duty is washing hands ,
People still are enjoying and partying ,
For a few days stepping out of the house should be banned !!!

Our economy is suffering a lot ,
Import and export is all at a hault ,
When will this tragedy be over???
We wanna make our lives fancy , it’s all going simple and sober !!!!

We all are aware that our lives are at a risk ,
Still we want the same amount of joy ,
Stop going out of the house ,
This applies simply for every girl and boy ……

Start caring ,the reckless Indians ,
The damage caused won’t be repaired,
Not at least yourself, think of the country ,
In all our minds it should really be cleared !!!!

Promote social distancing ,
Or else the number of patients will really be increasing,
Develop the fear in your mind because you can catch it any day ,
The country is in you hands , l am sure you will bring a change in your way !!!

Pray for the poor souls who lost their lives ,
To death they all strive !!!
The damage caused can’t be repaired ,
But all this is just a stepping stone in our life !!!

Don’t even forget the people who are still fighting ,
And the ones who are tirelessly working for our betterment ,
Silently pray to God to save the world from this calamity ,
With all our prayers , in this world there will be advancement !!!l

Things have changed in a matter of days and weeks
Institutions and entertainment centres have all closed down
There are few a cars on the road
Public places are empty all around !!

Pollution levels have come down ,
Water bodies are cleaner
Many people are at home with their families ,
The nature is greener !!!

The corona virus epidemic has hit the reset button and has changed a lot of things ,
People have started appreciating old values and simpler things in life
Animals are moving around freely ,
And for them it is a paradise !!!

There is co existence ,
Since humans have started retreating themselves in the fear of corona virus ,
Nature has started reclaiming its pace ,
And within them is only happiness !!!!

Dolphins have returned it ltaly’s coast ,
All because of the missing cruise ships ,
There are swans in the canal often filled with gondolas and people ,
But even they must have been missing the town people !!!

These examples are a grim reminder of how we humans have taken over the
earth ,
We have ruled over the territory of other living beings ,
We have destroyed , killed animals , overused resources but we do not own this planet
We share it with a lot of other living beings and we should even take care of their well being !!

Our lives are about co habitation as about the survival of other living beings
We humans cannot be bringing down forests ,destroying habitat and polluting water bodies ,
Putting the survival of other living beings at stake ,
By us the innocent creatures are only getting teased !!!

Let the corona virus crisis leave this lesson ,
Learn to co exist ,
Or the nature will find extreme ways to reclaim its pace ……
If we would have been at their place we wouldn’t be able to resist !!!

Think , ponder and leave behind all the rage ,
You will yourself see the change !!
So , to all the countrymen , let us unite ,
Remove this courageously , forever from our lives !!!

The world above the clouds ……..

: Kripaa Luthra

Above the clouds lies a mesmerising world ,
With fairies flying all around,
Inside the candy castles , rabbits working joyfully ,
And everyone together well bound !!!!

The Pegasus and unicorns always playing happily in the fields ,
The mermaids in the water swimming without the fear of human prey ,
Small white rats jumping merrily like puppies ,
I wish happy like this they always stay !!!!

At the stroke of the midnight hour ,
When the world is fast asleep ,
Then the fairies come ,
And through the little window they peep !!

With a wand in their hand ,
The miniature beauty in the air ,
In a beautiful pink attire ,
For little children they really care !!

On the windows of young innocent children ,
They hang a tiny dream catcher ,
Just wish to spread good vibes and happiness
They touch our world with a new ray of hope and all of us they bless !!!!

You are lucky enough if you get a chance to visit there ,
You’ll see the clouds talking to each other ,
The chocolate pond is again something not to forget ,
It’s really beautiful and pleasant is the weather !!

But please don’t forget , a coin has two sides ,
There even exists a scary world above the clouds….
A little adventurous nevertheless very frightening ,
And once you enter escaping is not allowed !!

The dragon fighting with the town people ,
Leaving out fire ,and thoroughly bloated…..
Pray , you don’t get to visit there ,
Killing the people is their only motive !!!

Kappas are always floating in the water ,
Feed them if you see them or else you’ll really will suffer ,
Zombies and ghosts , even are quite scary
They don’t even have anyone dear !!!

Spirits always in the air ,
Finding some love but only get hatred ,
The life here is quite gloomy ,
Have faith , and you will get a chance not for the scary world to see !!

Dreams are just a game in life ,
But don’t even take them lightly
Falling into the bad dreams will of course be a reason for despair
In the good dreams be happy and just don’t have fear!!

Don’t even be scared before you go to sleep ,
Walk carefully , try not to slip and fall direct into the bad dreams
Surviving there is not so easy as it seems ,
Try to spend some time in the castle and even the chocolate stream !!

But most importantly have a sound sleep ,
Good night , have a great night !!

“ Self worth “


: Kripaa Luthra

Everyone has a hidden talent;
And is a God’s gift
Not in same but in different fields is excellent,
Pursue your expertise and uplift !

Look at yourself in the mirror , find a beautiful picture inside,
And say to your own self “ l can do it “
Have an aim so that you don’t need to be pushed to achieve
You are doing it for your own benefit !!

Aspiration from parents is very high ,
You are born to achieve but may not be born to become a doctor or an engineer
Understand your weaknesses and never limit yourself ,
Let within you, there be no fear !!!

Always listen to your hearts ,
Learn from your mistakes and walk towards the life’s path,
Follow your dreams ,
And above all within yourself have unconditional faith !!!

Have a mission on Earth
Let not your life go waste
Follow your destiny
Don’t spoil your life just in haste !!

Always have a positive thinking
Try not to be flummoxed about your aim
Have faith in your dream
You are doing it for your own self not for fame !!!

Never give up even if you fail
Keep on trying you will get what you desire
Think of the times you bravely fought
Don’t let your dreams burn in the fire!!!

In any case be happy as a clam at high tide ,
Make sure you enjoy pursuing your aim ,
Always by discipline you abide
Enjoy the process rather than worrying about the end results ….. It’s not that tough just a life game !!!

Trust yourself , in your life success should be attained ,
It’s a call to pursue your ambition,
Imagine yourself on the highest position
Tell yourself , “ l can do it “ and “ l will do it “ !!!

You yourself are the most precious !!

The destructive emotion !!

Poem by : Kripaa Luthra 

Destroys the one whom it lives in ,
Controls your brain and every possible thing
A matter of a minute
You lose it all , the qualities you possess !!

Your life goes waste ,
All respect is lost ,
You are always subject to scorn ,
You don’t even accomplish , for what you were born !!!

This quality is ANGER ,
It makes you suffer through strife
Whatever you do results in substandard,
Start thinking about your life !!!

Only very few know how to control ,
The rest only to others keep pointing,
Red hot blood always boiling within ,
Even the society becomes very daunting!!

Learn and understand ……..
Keep your cool at all times,
Try to be calm and cheerful ,
Or your thoughts , will result in crimes !!!

All confidence is shattered
You become very stubborn ,
Decisions you make are never right
The anger within you , please let it all burn !!!

Always believe in God ,
Think positive and be positive,
Let not your negativity rule over you ,
Control yourself before you become destructive!!

Practise self control ,
Before your relations become pretentious,
Love is all gone ,
Only hatred is born !!

Pointing a finger at someone ,
You point four fingers to your own self
Not for making someone else happy
Don’t be exasperated be jovial for thyself !!

Start caring about yourself
Don’t become a slave ,
Whatever you do , do it all attentively,
Later , for happiness you will crave !!

One day from this earth you will be gone ,
Leaving indelible marks ,
Let them be of love ,
And let the warmth not be only a farce !!

It’s a call to leave behind all the rage ,
You will yourself see the change ,
In this world there will only be advancement
From your side that will be the best contribution!!!