What if ….. !!

            -    Kripaa luthra 

What if ….life was a true movie ,
We will be watching the scene before the climax ,
Suspense in each situation ,
But they will be just the unexpected acts !!!

What if … All because of the Thanos
The unpredictable mad titan ,
The fat purple beast reaches the place to spread his terror ,
To fulfill his desire , ending the life from the universe , using the magical stones will come the giant !

What if … the thought of removing the burden from the people was revived ,
Bringing an end to the overpopulation…
Will be escalated this mortal disease through the power of his gauntlet ,
Anyone to interfere had been brought to an end through the powerful double edged sword , gloominess spread all in our nation !!!

What if ….James Bond comes in his great car ,
Determine the cause for the proliferation of the fatal disease ,
Death blow the ones responsible and seek vengeance,
And our safety he will guarantee !!

What if … he rides us in his marvellous car ,
Save the world from the calamity ,
And finally leave without a good bye …..
In the nick of time ….will get over the tragedy !!

What if …. Still is left alive the brawny Thanos ,
And Ant man makes his presence known ,
Expand his butt and bring an end to the wicked monster ,
Finally there will be a control in the number of the tragic demises , all the sadness will even be blown !!

What if …. The relation in the vicinity was no longer corresponding ,
The love will be really affected ….
Although , humanity was already lost, but that time even the humans will be less in number ,
Situation after the catastrophe will be really complicated!!

What if … The Harry Potter was seen on his broom ,
Backpedaling the peril ,
Either it be the economy or anxiety
Was all turned upside down ….. just with the roll of a wand …. all changed the inner feelings !!

What if …Dr.Strange prognosticates , life will be happier but the pollution will be out of control …..
No one will be able to have it in hand ,
Then will be witness of The Wonder Woman , the queen of the Amazon ,
With the aim , the world will change , it has to be cleaner the land !!

What if …these characters really are witnessed by us ??
Even the hustle and bustle will make us feel exhilarated ….
Though such a life is barely possible ,
Don’t close the mind’s eye , this fantasy would really be awaited !!!


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

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