A new start !!

The clock struck twelve , 
‘Twas time for a new voyage to begin ,
A new start , with a new ray of hope ,
A new journey unfolds ,
Path ahead is covered with mist ,
And reveals itself with each step ,
But we take it to ourselves, to make the very best !

We revive our dreams ,
Bring back our aims ,
We begin a new chapter ,
And forget the past ,
Look up to many more opportunities ,
Jump over the obstacles ,
We focus on possibilities , and not on our flaws,
Stand confident , make a difference,
And let’s give our life , a fresh start !

Hold on , and don’t let the demon within you rise ,
Put water on the fire of anger , that is burning within ,
Let the cruelty die ,
And resolve to become a better person with the year passing by !

Dream big , make the stars your limit ,
Keep your roots intact ,
Have a joyful spirit,
Make the things go your way ,
And prove yourself ,
That your presence on this earth makes a difference,
Be relaxed and peaceful , and have a heart full of love ,
Succeed in every field ,
Accomplish your destiny ,
Shine bright like the sun ,
And Take this year , make it yours !

Happy new year 2021