The world above the clouds ……..

: Kripaa Luthra

Above the clouds lies a mesmerising world ,
With fairies flying all around,
Inside the candy castles , rabbits working joyfully ,
And everyone together well bound !!!!

The Pegasus and unicorns always playing happily in the fields ,
The mermaids in the water swimming without the fear of human prey ,
Small white rats jumping merrily like puppies ,
I wish happy like this they always stay !!!!

At the stroke of the midnight hour ,
When the world is fast asleep ,
Then the fairies come ,
And through the little window they peep !!

With a wand in their hand ,
The miniature beauty in the air ,
In a beautiful pink attire ,
For little children they really care !!

On the windows of young innocent children ,
They hang a tiny dream catcher ,
Just wish to spread good vibes and happiness
They touch our world with a new ray of hope and all of us they bless !!!!

You are lucky enough if you get a chance to visit there ,
You’ll see the clouds talking to each other ,
The chocolate pond is again something not to forget ,
It’s really beautiful and pleasant is the weather !!

But please don’t forget , a coin has two sides ,
There even exists a scary world above the clouds….
A little adventurous nevertheless very frightening ,
And once you enter escaping is not allowed !!

The dragon fighting with the town people ,
Leaving out fire ,and thoroughly bloated…..
Pray , you don’t get to visit there ,
Killing the people is their only motive !!!

Kappas are always floating in the water ,
Feed them if you see them or else you’ll really will suffer ,
Zombies and ghosts , even are quite scary
They don’t even have anyone dear !!!

Spirits always in the air ,
Finding some love but only get hatred ,
The life here is quite gloomy ,
Have faith , and you will get a chance not for the scary world to see !!

Dreams are just a game in life ,
But don’t even take them lightly
Falling into the bad dreams will of course be a reason for despair
In the good dreams be happy and just don’t have fear!!

Don’t even be scared before you go to sleep ,
Walk carefully , try not to slip and fall direct into the bad dreams
Surviving there is not so easy as it seems ,
Try to spend some time in the castle and even the chocolate stream !!

But most importantly have a sound sleep ,
Good night , have a great night !!


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

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