“ Freedom … ”

Once , years before,
When the nation was under a rule ,
The Indians were mistreated,
Life was no less than a misery !!!

Britishers who ruled over our country ,
Forced the fright in our lives ,
We were bent before the heartless English men ,
Hoping for freedom , one day it will arrive !!

Less paid income ,
The diminishing of the small scale plants ,
Demanded high taxes , even on the smallest strips of land …
Lead to impoverishment of the Indians !!

They eliminated the Indian culture,
Instilled their trends into our lives ,
How could we be happy ,
When our credence was just made a jest of ??

Unemployment , was a major issue ,
For the poverty struck situation in India ,
We were pushed out of the factories we built ,
Cottage industries were just diminished !!!

For even our minor needs ,
We had to sit on our knees and open our hands ,
Beg for everything,
Beg for even our lives !!

Farmers were forced to grow cash crops ,
Instead of wheat and rice ,
They did not get food to eat ,
Neither had money to purchase some !!

Time passed by , conditions became even worse ,
They were the reason for unrest in our lives ,
They were the reason for all our fright ,
They were the reason for our bad lives !!

But then , arose a spark in millions of hearts ,
Mahatma Gandhi , Subhash Chandra Bose , Bhagat Singh and many more ,
To see the nation free ,
To see the millions free !!!

Instilled in us the want for freedom ,
To breathe free, to live free ,
Impelled us to fight for justice ,
Incited us to push out the pitiless !!!

Treated worse than slaves ,
Thrashed badly ,
Spent months and years in prisons ,
Even considered criminals!!!

There were many obstacles in the path to freedom,
And we were always under rated ,
But the time had come to show them, what we Indians were made of…

For all the atrocities,
The Indians had tolerated , it was time for ,
Adequate fights ,
And the final blood bath….

They toiled to breathe freely,
Blood flowed everywhere…..
The time was full of agonised days ,
But keen souls ,
There was no looking back ….

And one fine day ,
The happiness arose in all lives ,
The Britishers were pushed out ,
The tricolour was hoisted with full pride ,
But it wasn’t as easy as we thought !!

Freedom fighter’s first religion was their country ,
For them their country was everything …
Being Independent is the biggest gift one can achieve ,
Being independent in true senses is our duty !!!

Let’s not forget their sacrifice ,
For the flag to always be high ,
Salute to our freedom fighters ,
Thank the men who gave you this liberty to live !!!

Happy 74 th Independence Day !!!

“ Lord Krishna … ”

The tiny tot ,
Butter always would he manage to pilfer ,
His beautiful blue hue , and the peacock feather on his nut ,
The flute in his hands , he plays a mellifluous tune ….

Lord Krishna , Lord of love , compassion and tenderness ,
The epitome of morality ,
Justice truth and selflessness ,
Worldwide were his values pleased !!!!

He taught us life lessons ,
Through the Bhagvad Gita ,
We come to this world empty handed ,
And will go empty handed !!

Yet we fight for worldly pleasures ,
To excel in different fields ,
For wealth , for being the best in everything,
Still can ever our desires be satiated ??

Aim at being the best person at heart ,
Let not your pleasure be in caring about the conclusion ,
Let all the effort you put in ,over shine ,
Strive to be the best version of yourself ,
Donate , care for the others , be true from within ,
Whatever you give , the universe will return in its greatest form !!

Be an ideal friend ,
Lord Krishna , who lived a luxurious life ,
His companion Sudama on the other hand was only necessitous ,
Never had he ever ,let their quality of life to strike their friendship ,
Had been the best of friends by heart ,
Till they breathed their last !!

In the present times though,
Our friendship relies on our financial status ,
And on the extravagance of our life ,
A well to do person has uncountable buddies ,
Why can’t friendship be prudent without being money minded ??

Truth can never be pulled down ,
Take action when you feel something is not right ,
The truth one day will be witnessed by the world ,
You cannot conceal it ,
Raise your voice for the right ,
No matter whom the person is ,
You are sent by God for a good deed ,
Let your presence be fruitful !!!

World is perishable ,
A person who has come ,
One day has to go ,
Let your deeds be exceptionally outstanding ,that you are an inspiration in all hearts !!!

The mischievous boy ,
The terrible prankster ,
Still never forgot his morals ,
His life was filled with sparkle !!

Believe in God ,
Have faith in him with all your heart ,
Be merciful and generous from within ,
And see him leading you in every step of life !!!
Have unconditional faith in him,
Like the innocent Draupadi,
He will protect you from even the worse situations ,
And save your life in any condition !!

Thank him,for every new day of life ,
Thank him, for always being by your side ,
Practise his virtues and imbibe them in your life ,
And ,You will see God ,within you ,and you will over shine !!

Happy janamashtami to all my fellow readers and buddies ….. really sorry for being so late with my next post …. hope you enjoy 😉😉