“Grandma “

Simple , sweet , a woman of love ,
Some silver hair ,
But a heart of pure gold ,
And uncomparable is the love you share !!

A little short heighted ,
But a jackpot of wisdom ,
Sometimes grumpy 😂,
But overfilled with tenderness !!

From childhood stories ,
To our adult secrets shhhh 🤫!
You have been a part of everything,
Through thick and thin ,
And through anything!!

You held my hand ,
And guided me ,
Pampered me ,
And Unconditionally loved me !!

Your life incidents ,
Have always grabbed my attention ,
Eating your scrumptious food ,
Has to never be forgotten !!

Your infectious laughter ,
Your subtle wink
You are a blessing in our lives ,
You are a true gem who brightly shines !!

Your laborious yoga stunts ,
Will leave even the great confused ,
Don’t laugh , it’s not funny ,
I always appreciate you !!

The custard you cook ,
Has the power ,
For it can make even a chef bow !!

You are the one ,
As young as me ,
Sometimes I do try to outsmart you ,
But all I look is a fool !! 😶

You are the smile I wish to see ,
Moments spent with you are embedded deep in my memory ,
I look up to the togetherness ,
For you are the one ..
With whom I love to be !!

You placed your arms around me ,
And I could plainly see ,
That all the love in your heart ,
Is there just for me !

Love you grandma !

A thank you post !!

Hey buddies ,

Keeping it very short and precise . Today morning I received this notification… congratulations to us all and a big thank you for You all for the support and love !!

Dream diaries received 50 + followers . I remember the day I began blogging as time flew , and my followers increased from 0 to 50 !! .. a special thank you to the ones who followed me and are together with me in this journey

Looking up to many more achievements and unconditional love too !!

Thank you again

With lots of love

From Kripaa ❤️❤️

“A teacher ”

When the first time I entered this school ,
You held my hand and took me to the shelter of warmth ,
Assured me to have no fear ,
We were all friends and were to have unlimited fun !!!

The heart of the class ,
The soul of the school ,
A dictionary for every inquisitive mind ,
After our mom’s , caring hands , it was just you !!

You were the wind under my wings ,
You held my hand into the world of knowledge,
Years passed by and as I grew ,
You modified me into a keen learner !!!

The lessons you taught ,
Are embedded in my heart deep within ,
The love you spread ,
Has enlighten our lives … with the light that never dim’s !!

You brought the start to our lives ,
Pushed us to always stand high ,
An idol ,
You are a role model in every young mind !!

Your affection always got my attention ,
Every day you plant a seed ,
Of curiosity and excitement ,
And a will to outstand !!

God created you teachers ,
To lead us into a world of knowledge ,
To build our world into a much better place !!!

You understood our interests ,
Inspired us to pursue our hobbies ,
Explained us the beezee weezee tough things ,
All in a simply easy way !!!

Be it any situation, any condition ,
You were always there to teach ,
Be it online or in a classroom ,
Always would you give your best !!

You were always a pillar of support ,
And anytime we could count on you ,
You gave rise to the poet inside me ,
For the best of your student you always think !

Thank you for all your love ,
For the faith you had in us ,
Salute to your staggering efforts,
To have you as our teachers makes us truly blessed !!!

A very happy teacher’s day to all my dear teachers !!

Thank you buddies for your support … we have crossed 200 likes !! Looking up to your support further too 😘😘