Book review #1 ..!

Hey buddies .., today is the first time am doing a book review .., for my best read of November .. !!

Book name : For I pity them .!

Author : Potterheadaanya

Me and Aanya are quite good blogging friends .., she is a wonderful writer and this is her second book .. I loved reading it and have already read it thrice ..!!

Length : 60 pages

My rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

An extra star for Aanya ..!

About : ( from goodreads )

Pity, what is it? It’s the feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the sufferings and misfortunes of others. I don’t pity those who are poor, ill, dying, yes I do feel sorry and pain, seeing them in such a condition, but I pity those who are rich, spoiled and have everything. Why? Read on……

My review : For I pity them is a fantastic book .. which has a deep meaning . The more you read , the better you understand it . According to Aanya .., the ill ., the poor ., the underprivileged., don’t need our pity .. and I agree as well . The rich need our pity .. those who have less resources can adjust themselves and know how to survive any situation but the ones who live highly extravagant lives need pity for they don’t want to get out of their comfort zones .. infact we humans need pity . For our heinous crimes , actions and deeds ..!

She has used exceptionally good poems . The way she expresses her thoughts leaves me speechless .. do read this wonderful book ..

I have just given a glimpse of the book . A lot more lies within .. if you don’t read it then .., you are in a state to be pitied . I completely agreed with her , and at the end I just wanna say that it’s a very thought provoking book .. Congratulations Aanya !! 💝

Bye 🤗

MOM …!!

The one who brings you to this world ,
Who’ll love you everyday ,
No matter what happens ,
Smile on your face ,
She will still bring !!!

The slim and short woman ,
Who’s really very smart ,
Perfect in every field ,
Except anger control ,
which she’s still trying on !!

She is the sun , who brighten’s up my day ,
The friend , whom you can trust with your secrets ,
The pillar , you can rest on ,
But nothing can be compared , to her love !

A wonderful writer , an awesome singer ,
An outstanding cake artist ,
One who has the solution even to the lamest question,
It’s none other than you , MY MOM !!

Your finger licking dishes ,
Great culinary skills you possess ,
Lovely looks ,
You are our miss world !!

Despite all the qualities you possess ,
My love for you ,
Is not because of this !!

I love you beyond any reason ,
Beyond any measure ,
Because you are the one who enlightens my life ,
You are the reason for whom I today am !!

Without you , life would be empty ,
You guide me in every situation ,
And help me accomplish!!
My poem for you , is not that good ,
Cause I wrote it all alone ,
But that’s how I feel ,
It’s just the words that lack out !!

I don’t know , from where do you gain ,
This much of energy ,
To perform the innumerable chores ,
And still smile ,
As if everything was perfectly alright. !!!

I always wondered , why you did it all ,
Fulfill my desires each time I want ,
Stand for me , whenever I call ,
It’s inexhaustible love for me ,
Thank you mom , for it all !!

You gave me wings to fly ,
Even taught me the magic , of compassion and love ,
You fixed my broken wings ,
You are the true angel , and the best gift I could have got !!

You are just like ,
A dark chocolate with an almond ,
You eat , and cherish it for days ,
But I will cherish you forever !

God sent you to me ,
As a special gift from above ,
To teach me life lesson’s ,
And shower me with your love !!!!

Happy Birthday mumma ,
I owe everything to you ,
The person I am and will be ..
Love you 💖 !!

Diwali ….

The Festival of Lights ,
The festival in which bonds get tight ,
The festival of smiles ,
The festival in which the nation unites ,
And together shines !

The return of lord Rama ,
To Ayodhya ..,
After a long exile ..,
Lord Krishna defeated ,
The demon Narakasura,
Diya’s burnt brightly …,
Our vices are blazed , and go up in the smoke !!

The spirit of festivities ,
The spirit of happiness ,
The spirit of celebration ,
The spirit that re-in states that in any situation, God will come to help !!

The array of colours,
The sweet smell of flowers ,
The beautiful decoration,
Is awaited by everyone ,
With all their hearts !!

But not indeed the boom ban ..,
Loud exasperating noise ..,
Which makes it difficult to step out ,
The lungs scream ,
The throat chokes ,
We leave mankind on the edge of a sword ,
Is pleasure obtained ?
By risking your own self ?

The threatened animals and birds ..,
Their nest is destroyed ..,
Just when a cracker is released !!

Chirping birds , faithful puppies ..,
Who live on the street ,..
They go blind .., they go deaf , they die ..
How can we humans be so ruthless ,
By not letting an innocent breathe free !!?

Global warming increasing each year ..,
Forgetting that lord had sent us to live ..,
And make this earth a beautiful place to live in ..,
For this intolerant behaviour ,
We only deserve gagging up , in our very own gas chambers!

Every underprivileged on the road ,
Forcefully has to go through .,
Days filled with smoky skies ,
Cough and sneeze ,
Because we , don’t tweak !!

Prayers and rituals ,
Earliest in the morning ,
Exchanging Good wishes for the loved ones ,
All the evening chore ,
Love for the nature ,
Should it not be on the top ?
In the long list ?

Why can’t we care for the environment,
Like our dear ones ?
Why can’t we show compassion ,
For the beggars and the homeless animals .. ??
So many hearts are filled with sorrow ,
How can we hope for a better tomorrow?
After all , we all are the same ,
Save the humanity ,
Save humankind !

This Diwali ,
Do something big for your own self ,
Take a step forward ,
From within ,
To be a good human being !

Bring an evolution in your life ,
Light the candles ,
Light the diya’s , In your heart ,
And spiritually make this Diwali ,
The best one !!!

The victory of good over evil ,
The victory of knowledge over ignorance ,
The victory of life over death ,
Just be a good human ,
All the happiness,
Finding its way ,
Will knock your door !!!

May this Diwali teach you something important ,
May this Diwali be the most joyous ,
May this Diwali bring prosperity of mind ,
May the spirit of light illuminate the world ,
May this Diwali , wealth of knowledge , is attained !!

Happy Diwali