“An ode to a strong woman”

The most dexterous creation of the almighty ,
The heart and soul of the home ,
But the soul aim of her life ,
Why always , is to keep her husband happy ??

Dressed like a princess on her wedding day ,
Fancy trousseau , expensive jewellery ,
Doesn’t it seem like ,
The sacrifice of the poor lamb ??

Persistent kitchen devoir ,
Are intertwined with her life ,
Is this what her identity is ??
Our society , should indeed be abashed !!

A woman’s life ,
Its just not a rough journey ,
It is made tough ,
Always put beside her , are immense anticipations !!

Parents strive to raise ,
Strong and independent girls ,
Then why ??
Do they spend ,
Their life’s savings ,
On their daughters wedding ??

She leaves her home ,
Where she has all the memories grown ,
Her parents ,
Who need support , for they are even old ,
She changes her name ,
Why always is it only her ??

Engagements , marriage,
Pregnancies ,
Are these the only important days ,
Of a woman ‘s life ??
Why in the name of traditions
Are they always suppressed ?

Tormenting woman sexually ,
Is today , a recurrent act in our country ,
A country where goddesses are worshiped ,
The same nation ,
Are the women highly belittled !!

The neoteric Indian Hathras incident ,
That sends a shiver down our spines ,
Are all the Nirbhaya’s to soon forgotten , ???
How can the domestic violence not be addressed ,
Why is the position of women ,
Always so precarious ??

We are today engaging attention ,
On empowering the women ,
What the most overriding concern should be ,
Is to instruct the men ,
To live with the empowered women !!

Despite all the dejection and misery ,
Which is compelled into her life ,
To achieve her position in the society ,
She always strives..
Is a mother’s love bound ,
Only with her culinary skills ??

She’s Durga,
She’s Kali,
The Hindu goddess of empowerment and love ,
And the perfect idol we need today !!!

Crush patriarchy ,
Change unfair traditions ,
If not , development and equality ,
Will just be far fetched dreams !!

She is the change ,
That will change the million ,
She is the light ,
Because of which the nation shines ,
She is the laughter ,
The reason behind our smiles …
She is our strength ,
For we today stand with pride …,
She has a heart of gold ,
With love for all ,
Dear society ,
Give her wings ,
And let her fly !
So here is an ode ,
To a strong woman , with a high vision !

The penable awards 1,2,3,4and 5

Hey guys , Dream diaries has been nominated for the penable award 5 times !!!! But unfortunately I did not get time to make the posts …


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Thank you Rishika for nominating me for the 1st Penabe Award . You are a very good friend and it is my absolute pleasure to meet you on this blogging journey . You can’t even imagine how much I love reading your posts . Do visit her site at http://theethrealunicorn.wordpress.com

Am glad to say that I received the Penable Award 2,3 and 4, by Author , H.R.Phoenix , for winning her Thursday poetry competitions . We had to write a poem with a story in it and I occupied the position of the first runner up for my poem , What if ….. !!

And I received the Penable Award 3 by occupying the position of the second runner up in another Thursday poetry competition . This time we had to write a poem on the topic “ADVENTURES “…. I submitted my poem named , THE WORLD ABOVE THE CLOUDS , you can read it here . The world above the clouds ……..

I received the 4th Penable award by occupying the position of the third runner up in the Thursday poetry competition … We had to write something on the topic precious and I submitted my poem self worth . do read it here https://kripaaluthra.wordpress.com/2020/05/17/self-worth/

Thank you Wardah for nominating me for the fifth penable award , http://silentsilverytears.wordpress.com … This nomination from you means a lot to me … Do spare sometime to visit the fantastic blog !!

Thank you penable.net , Phoenix for your wonderful questions for the 1st award . 

A big Thank you to my dearest friend Phoenix for hosting the Thursday poetry competition .. and she is only the mastermind behind the Penable award . Check onto her award here . https://penable.net/2020/04/19/new-the-penable-award/



If I have a time machine , I would love to go 10 years ahead in the future to know what kind of a person I am . That really makes me curious . I would also like to visit the past and witness the shooting of the famous Harry Potter films , in London and meet the cast . I am a die – heart potterhead , so I really wish for that . 


Though am a big foodie and deciding 1 particular dish for me is very difficult . There are a lots of things I love to eat and if I start penning down , it would never be over . But I particularly love eating sweets . Pancakes , Waffles , Chocolates ……. and many more !!! I even love to eat South Indian . 


As a child , I preferred watching a movie rather than reading a book . And I became a bookworm around two years ago , so recollecting some books from that time include the ‘ CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ‘ , ‘ MATILDA ‘ and a lot from Geronimo Stilton . 

Answers to the 2, 3 , and 4 th penable awards … 

Q.1. What are your goals in life ???

My goals in life are – I really wish to become a doctor , I wish to write a sequel to the famous Harry potter books , I wanna have my own published poetry book . And after all I want to be a good human being by heart . 

Q.2. Top three favourite emojis ? 

😂 😶🌸💕 

Q.3. Favourite genre to watch and read . 

My favourite genre to watch is mystery . When it comes to reading , I love reading , it can be anything but fiction . Either it be mystery , tragedy or anything else , I will read it with complete interest . 

Answers to the penable Award 5 : 

Q.1. What is the best mythical creature ? 

A phoenix is the best mythical creature . They are again born from their own ashes , which I find really very inspiring . Also I love the cute and sweet magical unicorns . 

Q.2. Do you like rollercoasters ??

Not at all . I literally hate them … they are quite scary , make me cryyyyy .

Q.3. What is the deepest thing you have ever said or heard ??

Dunno …. that sounds really confusing .


I am a young poet , I began writing during this lockdown and had no idea that i could even write poems. Am a budding poet and human behaviour under various circumstances has always grabbed my attention . 

My nominees for the penable awards : 




Nour . R 


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One award for each follower mentioned above !!

Questions for you all are : 

Q.1. What are your goals in life ??

Q.2. What is the deepest thing you have ever said or heard ? 

Q.3. Why did it begin blogging ?? 

Waiting to read your answers …

“ Mahatma Gandhi ”

An old and simple man ,
Dressed in white ,
With a stick in hand ,
But the resolute credence glowed deep within !!

Non violence , was the path he preached ,
Believed in simplicity, lived in austerity ,
Wrapped in a dhoti and shawl , not an elaborate attire ,
Immense contentment he still attained !!

Harmony and morality he believed in ,
Countless times , when he had been put behind the bars ,
Fought to gain his right , but violence had never been a part of his fight ,
Satygrah , he followed , for the nation he was a star !!

The swadeshi movement ,
A warning for the British to quit the country ,
To Boycott the British goods ,
He himself spun the cloth ,
Evoked the spirit of freedom in the country’s heart !!

The Dandi March ,
He set off to make salt on the seaside ,
To stop the use of British goods ,
It instilled the strength and hope in the people!!

His morals can never be forgotten ,
Gandhian values are alive in all hearts ,
Peace , integrity and humanity ,
Are still the strength of the nation !!

He wanted all religions to unite ,
Live with harmony and respect ,
And never discriminate on the basis of black and white ,
Being an Indian , to always be our first religion !!

He gave his life , not for pride ,
Not for fame ,
But the humanity that lies all within ,
Just with a single call ,
Could he declare himself as the prime minister ,
But took the right decision for the country,
He is none other than the father of our nation !!

The father who united us all ,
The father because of whom we are free to breathe ,
The father who has left behind innumerable values ,
The father of every individual,
The father of the nation !!

Wishing you all a very happy GANDHI Jayanti!!

And wishing the second prime minster Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri a very happy birthday… an unsung hero but a true super hero !