Sons of the soil …..

Born to the mother are millions of sons,
Born on the soil are too many ,
Born for the family are even not less,
But born for the soil are the jewels , very limited are these , the brawny !!!

The army men of the nation …
The man of steel fighting in the adverse situation,
The men of valour ,
The men who can sacrifice!!!

Brave hearts who knowingly risk their lives ,
Knowing , one day they will die ,
Their only dream , to see the flag fly high ,
But their sacrifices are never in vain !!!

Strong mothers who love their nation ,
Let the child conquer the land ,
Holding back the tears ,
For the country they set a motivation !!

We know only about the few died in the attack ,
Are left unsung the million others daily died on the border ,
Respect deserved is neglected ,
Uncelebrated are the martyrs !!

Selfless actions ,
Forgetting the fear ,
Forgetting ,this is not a game of pitch and toss ,
But ,a game of life and death ,
Risk it all in a moment of war ,
Last wish to make their country free ,
See the country smile once before !!

They are the pride of Indian soul ,
Inspire the youth and set a mark for the country’s respect ,
Far from their loved ones ,
For the nation to sleep in peace !!!

The gallant sacrifices,
The millions injured ,
The thousands warriors ,
They are the ones who even had fear !!

Fear to hold the gun ,
Fear to end lives ,
Fear to be apart from their dearest ones ,
Conquered their fear , to serve their motherland !!!

He may not always be there for his child ,
To celebrate his birthday or some achievement,
But,Always is he there for ,when the nation calls ,
Knowing the danger risks their life , duty first , they are always ready !!

The fallacy of religion ,
Has divided the world ,
But not the soldiers …..
Son’s of the same mother,
Are serving the same mother ,
They are Indian ….their first religion.
So why is this delusion separating us all humans ?

The bullet fired from the gun ,
Does not ask the fighter his religion ,
Shoots an Indian in just a minute ,
Kills an Indian , with the same vision !!

Salute to the martyrs ,
Salute to the jawans ,
Salute to the son’s of the soil ,
Salute to their sacrifices,
Salute to the nation for the Marvellous born !!!


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

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