The life after the unexpected prolonged lockdown !!

: Kripaa Luthra

This unexpected turn of events ,
And a prolonged break ,
Have affected our daily chores ,
How much happy it was before !

The life after this catastrophe will surely be contrasting ,
In a matter of days and weeks ,
Have really changed the circumstances ,
And all it will be a total freak !!

Events at the restaurant will be really mind boggling ,
Tables will be lying far apart ,
And rooms would be large ,
This is how true social distancing will start !!!

Instead of fragrance of deodorants and perfumes or the aromas
The odour of hand sanitizers will be escalated ,
Every location will have a hospital scent ,
For stopping virus growth , rooms will not be air conditioned rather be only heated !!!

The toffees with the bill ,
Will be replaced by fresh masks
The credit card will be sanitised and put in a plastic case
Without even a single trace !!!

Ladies will put back their lipsticks ,
And only shift to masks , made of diamond
The shiny bracelets will be taken over ,
By the plastic gloves with a border of gold jewels properly bound !!

Cinema hall will have a different view ,
Tickets booked will be in gaps of two
Popcorns and refreshments will all not be be allowed
Such simplicity would take over …. no one knew !!

The extremes of temperature won’t be experienced,
The regular vehicular emissions will decrease
Global warming will be reduced
With the pollution even negativity will cease !!!

We have started liking being at home ,
Rather than going for a drive ,
Our interests have now changed ,
How much really has this crisis changed our lives !!!

During this lockdown,
Animals are moving around without fear of becoming human prey ,
Rivers are clean and the nature is green ,
I wish , our country , like this it always stays !!

Rivers are much cleaner ,
The Ganga is fit for drinking ,
Fishes are swimming on its coast ,
All of them are very enthusiastic!!

But for how long will our nation be like this ??
Economic effects are grave….
It is guaranteed that within a year the pollution levels will cope up ,
Our country should be saved !!!

This corona virus crisis has taught us innumerable lessons ,
We have started appreciating simpler things in life ,
Let’s take a pledge to always work for the betterment of our country,
Let’s thank God even for the worst , to which we all strive !


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

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