Boundaries ……

All is a boundary within ,
Filling our hearts with darkness ,
From others they keep us away ,
Our life is filled with blackness !!

The dividing line set for ourselves
always results in less ,
The apathetic disposition limits our life ,
The end to which we desired to attain is all deprived ,
For then we will only apologise !!

Boundaries separating our homes ,
The great big wall gives rise to dejection and misery
The world is segregated leading to a hunch of being less scholarly ,
Intimacy has to overtake for all , hearts will come to light !!

The boundary in the mankind for the castes ,
All living in a different province ,
The way of life becomes convoluted,
Even the traditional veneration of saints give this thought importance!!

The obstacle in the mind has to be shattered ,
Relation in the vicinity has to be jovial ,
Why can’t the nation be within a single crown ?
Will transpire endearment and amalgamation , all together strongly we will be bound !!

With the frontier in the nation , we all are really anxious ,
Separating the states ,
The seldom conflicts for the worldly pleasures ,
Distress and dreariness are subject in all lives !!!

The fighters of the world brawling with ,
Why can’t they stand and serve together ?
Youth of the same mother , fighting for the same mother ,
Even making their mother sad , there is an urgent need for them to come altogether !!!

Even on the other side of the boundary ,
Love and respect in the heart ‘s are selfsame ,
People are equally jovial ,
With the exact feeling … one day this boundary they will overcome !!

The little ones with the same amount of mischief and playfulness ,
Similar cheerful bearing ,
Anxiety and distress are also shared equally ,
Still a boundary in between there is !!!

God has made us one and the same ,
Still is the boundary making us unconnected,
Why can’t the people be in conjunction?
Push the boundary overcome this boundary!!!

Let love have no boundaries ,
Let friendship have no boundaries ,
Let compassion have no boundaries ,
Let life have no boundaries!!

Let the world be the same God made ,
Eliminating all the man made pathetic boundaries ,
Let there be love and compassion in all hearts ,
And give our lives a new start !!!

Let feelings be boundless ,
Let the love overflow ,
Let the smile be gracious ,
That day will even make God delighted of his magnificent creation!!!

Kripaa Luthra 😁


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

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