Diwali ….

The Festival of Lights ,
The festival in which bonds get tight ,
The festival of smiles ,
The festival in which the nation unites ,
And together shines !

The return of lord Rama ,
To Ayodhya ..,
After a long exile ..,
Lord Krishna defeated ,
The demon Narakasura,
Diya’s burnt brightly …,
Our vices are blazed , and go up in the smoke !!

The spirit of festivities ,
The spirit of happiness ,
The spirit of celebration ,
The spirit that re-in states that in any situation, God will come to help !!

The array of colours,
The sweet smell of flowers ,
The beautiful decoration,
Is awaited by everyone ,
With all their hearts !!

But not indeed the boom ban ..,
Loud exasperating noise ..,
Which makes it difficult to step out ,
The lungs scream ,
The throat chokes ,
We leave mankind on the edge of a sword ,
Is pleasure obtained ?
By risking your own self ?

The threatened animals and birds ..,
Their nest is destroyed ..,
Just when a cracker is released !!

Chirping birds , faithful puppies ..,
Who live on the street ,..
They go blind .., they go deaf , they die ..
How can we humans be so ruthless ,
By not letting an innocent breathe free !!?

Global warming increasing each year ..,
Forgetting that lord had sent us to live ..,
And make this earth a beautiful place to live in ..,
For this intolerant behaviour ,
We only deserve gagging up , in our very own gas chambers!

Every underprivileged on the road ,
Forcefully has to go through .,
Days filled with smoky skies ,
Cough and sneeze ,
Because we , don’t tweak !!

Prayers and rituals ,
Earliest in the morning ,
Exchanging Good wishes for the loved ones ,
All the evening chore ,
Love for the nature ,
Should it not be on the top ?
In the long list ?

Why can’t we care for the environment,
Like our dear ones ?
Why can’t we show compassion ,
For the beggars and the homeless animals .. ??
So many hearts are filled with sorrow ,
How can we hope for a better tomorrow?
After all , we all are the same ,
Save the humanity ,
Save humankind !

This Diwali ,
Do something big for your own self ,
Take a step forward ,
From within ,
To be a good human being !

Bring an evolution in your life ,
Light the candles ,
Light the diya’s , In your heart ,
And spiritually make this Diwali ,
The best one !!!

The victory of good over evil ,
The victory of knowledge over ignorance ,
The victory of life over death ,
Just be a good human ,
All the happiness,
Finding its way ,
Will knock your door !!!

May this Diwali teach you something important ,
May this Diwali be the most joyous ,
May this Diwali bring prosperity of mind ,
May the spirit of light illuminate the world ,
May this Diwali , wealth of knowledge , is attained !!

Happy Diwali


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

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