Célébrer la vie! ❤️

Heya buddies !!! Happy world poetry day !!!

M finally back frm my hiatus😎

N I have some extremely great news to share ! My frnd avishi got her first book published ! I read it n loved it sooo much , I m left speechless !! All of us should together wish her lots of success , n lets support her by reading her book ! I’ve mentioned d link below !!!!


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

46 thoughts on “Célébrer la vie! ❤️

  1. Wow!!! This was so motivating aaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    I loved this line “again fly high ,
    Cuz you have to be the person hidden inside you!”
    Wow what a poem dude 😍. I wish I could express such thoughts through poetry too but I’ve never really been able to write such stuff I don’t know why 😂. If you’ve read some of my stories, they are either weird or horror 🙂

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      1. Uhhh …, 🙂
        Cool then

        Bt that truly was a compliment

        Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs , request Nehal , to keep her abnormally large mouth , shut for a while 🙂

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      1. (Although late) but happy poetry day to you also dear~
        It’s okay, i know you have more important stuff to deal with~ just take care of yourself!

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