Faith ….

After darkness …. brightness lies ahead !!!!

When all seems dark ..,
No ray of hope …,
When life seems dull ,
And problems going up ,
When you wish to smile ,
But only sigh ,
There is a belief ,
That you will get out of it ,
There is faith ,
The faith that encourages you to win !!

When all stand against you ,
No one trusts you ,
When you are treated ,
The way you don’t deserve ,
When you feel ,
There is no solution to get out ,
The demolished track with sharp turns and bends ,
There is faith ,
The faith that motivates you, to walk till the very end !

When no one accepts you ,
And leaves you ,
To deal with your troubles all alone ,
Neither foes nor your friends turn up ,
Sadly you accept , that is how it is !
But there is faith ,
The faith that inspires you ,
And re-iterates in your heart ,
That you alone are enough , you alone are the best ,
Nothing can dim the light that shines within you ,
You are the universe in human form ,
The faith that gives you the power ,
To realise that you are the light over the darkness !

When you walk through the roads …
Filled with gloom and sorrow ,
You struggle enough to get out ,
But in any situation, your faith isn’t lost ,
You eventually get out ,
There is hope , and no doubt !

After dusk ,
The dawn pulls in ,
When your life goes dim ,
Have faith , Never tend to lose hope ,
Let your faith be bigger than your fear ,
You may encounter many defeats ,
But you must not be defeated ,
Rise above the challenges and meet life again ,!

I wrote this poem for the second week of advent …. which signifies faith !! Will try to write something for joy as well 😁 n I totally forgot to write about hope 😅


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

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