“ Freedom … ”

Once , years before,
When the nation was under a rule ,
The Indians were mistreated,
Life was no less than a misery !!!

Britishers who ruled over our country ,
Forced the fright in our lives ,
We were bent before the heartless English men ,
Hoping for freedom , one day it will arrive !!

Less paid income ,
The diminishing of the small scale plants ,
Demanded high taxes , even on the smallest strips of land …
Lead to impoverishment of the Indians !!

They eliminated the Indian culture,
Instilled their trends into our lives ,
How could we be happy ,
When our credence was just made a jest of ??

Unemployment , was a major issue ,
For the poverty struck situation in India ,
We were pushed out of the factories we built ,
Cottage industries were just diminished !!!

For even our minor needs ,
We had to sit on our knees and open our hands ,
Beg for everything,
Beg for even our lives !!

Farmers were forced to grow cash crops ,
Instead of wheat and rice ,
They did not get food to eat ,
Neither had money to purchase some !!

Time passed by , conditions became even worse ,
They were the reason for unrest in our lives ,
They were the reason for all our fright ,
They were the reason for our bad lives !!

But then , arose a spark in millions of hearts ,
Mahatma Gandhi , Subhash Chandra Bose , Bhagat Singh and many more ,
To see the nation free ,
To see the millions free !!!

Instilled in us the want for freedom ,
To breathe free, to live free ,
Impelled us to fight for justice ,
Incited us to push out the pitiless !!!

Treated worse than slaves ,
Thrashed badly ,
Spent months and years in prisons ,
Even considered criminals!!!

There were many obstacles in the path to freedom,
And we were always under rated ,
But the time had come to show them, what we Indians were made of…

For all the atrocities,
The Indians had tolerated , it was time for ,
Adequate fights ,
And the final blood bath….

They toiled to breathe freely,
Blood flowed everywhere…..
The time was full of agonised days ,
But keen souls ,
There was no looking back ….

And one fine day ,
The happiness arose in all lives ,
The Britishers were pushed out ,
The tricolour was hoisted with full pride ,
But it wasn’t as easy as we thought !!

Freedom fighter’s first religion was their country ,
For them their country was everything …
Being Independent is the biggest gift one can achieve ,
Being independent in true senses is our duty !!!

Let’s not forget their sacrifice ,
For the flag to always be high ,
Salute to our freedom fighters ,
Thank the men who gave you this liberty to live !!!

Happy 74 th Independence Day !!!


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

26 thoughts on ““ Freedom … ”

  1. Freedom is what everyone should have.
    Nature has provided enough for everyone, yet there seems to be abundance among some and lack among others.
    I look forward to times when everyone cares not just for themselves and their own but the good of all.
    Happy Independence!

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