Kripaa Luthra

Friendship is the gift of life ,
Friends gift your life ….
Life goes better with friends ,
The day you find a friend your life is no less than a paradise!!

Friends are just like God sent angels ,
Who play an invisible role in our success ,
Laughs at jokes when they are not so good ,
Takes care of you in time of trouble when they are not so big … this is how is a true friend !!

Friends are always on your side ,
Even if you are not always right ,
Still stand only beside you like a hard rock ,
Make you feel so special that you are one in a million born !!!

Bosom buddies are they to thy ,
Friendship begins and never takes its way back ,
Love always is veracious ,
Although sometimes very demolished is the track !!!

There takes place an unexpected turn of events ,
Where the friendship is at risk ,
But the knot once tied is never released,
All we think is , thank you God for this gift !!!

Once the matter of the bond is firmly tied ,
Thoughts would always coincide ,
Hearts are filled with overvalue ,
Never on the wrong track the friends would misguide!!!

I remember the first time l met my friends ,
We were trapped in the friendship ‘s net ,
We’ve been through ups and downs ,
But nothing in the world can set us apart !!

When l wanted to cry you made me smile ,
When l was sad you made me grin ,
You are no less than a lucky charm ,
Hope in every step of life you may achieve and win !!

You won’t really have an idea how much l miss the moments spent and gone ,
I cherish our valuable long time talks ,
I recollect even the childlike scuffles ,
In school , l remember the recess walks !!

You don’t know to me what friendship has meant ,
I trust you with all my heart ,
I cannot thank you enough,
For to me you are truly an extraordinary gift !!

Happy birthday Ayona and Ananya !!!😍😘
Dedicated to my dearest friends!!

Even my all time buddy Kiara


Hey , this is Kripaa ., the author of the blog , Dream diaries! This is a poetry blog , and all my poems , are inspired by nature , and the human behaviour under different circumstances! Hope you enjoy reading

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